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    aw ryders, lol at ur comment though!!!! i hate our dh’s daft comments hehe



    Well now I’m not sure what to do.. haha I think I am still going to test on lunch for fun.. it’ll give me something to do, a reason to leave work 🙂 LOL. I will buy 2 though just in case I need to test again if AF doesn’t show up…



    Shez05— I havent been sick I have just had a few feelings of mild nausea, my stomach is really crampy, I think my bbs feel a tiny bit different and my nipples are a tiny bit sensitive. Plus I feel these little surges that hit my chest. Weird I know but I also feel like my nipples get hard all the time. Sorry if TMI. I really hope its not all in my head. With my DS it hust happened so when I was feeling symptoms is was like 5 days late with my AF. So this time its like Im looking for and trying to find symptoms. Is anyone else doing that??? LOL



    Hello everyone. I hope my opk is darker today. Yesterday was lighter than the one i took on tuesday. Im so confused. Lets see how today goes.



    chasitiy and ryders so sorry 🙁



    i dont think so…. but there have been loads of AF’s….. 🙁


    Question ladies…..I have like no CM its very weird and when i do its very very little and just wet with no consistancy. I am late but BFN’s. What do you gals think?


    hello yall, doin great. We are moving this weekend, and my Dad is coming down to help. i so wish i could do a test when he is here , but he is leaving on sunday and the earliest we could test is monday . oh well he will have to be at home to find out.



    so sorry ash..seeing those BFN’s can be so discouraging, good luck next cycle darlin x



    evening ladies! im sittin here after BD with my hips up in the air and i figured id say hello….lol



    love it youngmum lol!



    You’re welcome wanna – research is my hobby, I’m a Google nerd 😉 but a cool Google nerd!! Hee hee!


    Been using the restroom alot, i dont think im drinking any more than normal but i seem to have a full bladder almost every two hours like i was holding it. Not normal for me. I know its still very early so im just gonna say im drinking more and havent noticed lol.



    Cpalmer – I swear, the day I gave myself the blue and pink mani/pedi is the day I conceived!!



    ca21- i just sent you a message askingabot it funny how i was just thinking about you and now your on…great to hear that everything is good…i get the results from my hubbys semen and my blood work on 12/9 i am going crazy that i haveto wait that long..

Viewing 15 posts - 12,151 through 12,165 (of 131,346 total)

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