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    So I don’t know what to think today…8dpo big temp dip today, still above coverline though, but just a bit. And definite pale pink coloring on the tp this morning. I just hope my temp goes back up tomorrow, seems a bit early for AF (not due until Friday). Ugh



    flybear – I was the same before I moved to the US. I was out just about every night with one thing or another and then it all came to a grinding halt. I spent 6 weeks only leaving the house to go to Wal-mart for a quick food shop or to get my mail. In the end I had to just bite the bullet. Being apprehensive is absolutely fine and natural – but at least if you go and leave early, you can say you at least tried.



    Bugs- r u taking them on an empty stomach?



    @2ndtimemom2010 -> thanks for the site I did check it out and remember seeing it before and yes it is a bit expensive but thanks all the same for thinking about me. this is what I did buy and will be using this time. It is sort of the same idea take a look if you wish and any other ladies who want to get a better read of when you O this might work better for you and prob cheaper then all the tests you buy.



    I’m cd 13 gearing up to ov so fingers crossed for this cycle .. My youngest is 4 tomorrow !!!! I’m actually sad she’s still my little baby lol …



    It is 6:22 am here and wow its been ages since I have been up this early. I start my job shadowing today to see if this is the job I want. Fingers crossed that it is. I had one really lucky day yesterday. Its in my newest blog but to add to it, just before bed I used the restroom and found some CM (stetchy and partly clear and partly yellow) sorry TMI. I made sure we bd last night. Fingers crossed that I am fertile right now. that would be the cherry to top it all off.



    Hi ladies just checking in. They finally, after 6 days, just lifted the driving ban here. Though driving is only permitted for essential purposes only. Does one consider needing a HPT essential lol. Im sure many of you in here would back me on that one right? lol I would like to start testing tomorrow at 10dpo but have no tests on hand. Kelley82879 did you test yet? KMFX for you. anyone else close to testing?


    Yes you use them for OPK’s and my AF should have been here today!



    need2, you might just be adjusting to the Clomid. What is your dose?


    I found a new app on my phone called ‘glow’. Its pretty cool. Its helps you track you ovulation and a whole bunch of other things!!



    S. Amos – Congratulations! You are so lucky and blessed to be pregnant.



    thanks blondie… i think it’s possible it is a symptom.



    ok then i’ll wait for symptoms with my first pregnancy i test at CD 35.. but thats when i ovulated at CD 14
    but now i dont even know when i ovulated almost 9 month trying and 1 year off birth control



    im feeling so tired today and havent done anything out of the ordinary, and im feeling a little crampy too but im not reading too much into that as last cycle i cramped and was sure i was preg and i wasnt! im about 5 dpo, is that too early to start feeling tired? i dont remeber with my other 2 when the fatigue kicked in…..



    Just checking in to say good morning, ladies!

Viewing 15 posts - 121,756 through 121,770 (of 131,346 total)

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