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    toomany not sure about opk’s do you know why they don’t recommend them to women with PCOS? is it because they produce false postives or are not as good at detecting ovulation. I really hope you manage to catch that egg this month. **baby dust**


    Diane thanks. Its not a constant cramping it sort of comes and goes. I had ewcm last week around wednesday also took a opk on wednesday and it came out positive so ?? Right now i have some cm but its tacky and brakes apart instainly sorry for tmi



    6 DPO, strange I’m not all that anxious about testing, think I’ve just been so busy that I don’t really have much time to worry too much about it. Gonna try to wait until at least Easter day. DD got flu again, just had it 2 wks ago, had 102.5 fever, got it down to 99.0.



    bizie, that’s great, the more the merrier! I’m very excited and looking forward to being pregnant. Hopefully it won’t be long before we all are.


    I’m 15 DPO CD28 and AF was due today, hubby is on the way to the store to pick up a HPT I can’t wait till he gets back!! So far no signs of AF! Wish me luck 😀 here’s hopin lol



    it was supposed to be due the 1st.. i have been off bc for a little over a month. on the ovulation calc or whatever it said the 14th was my most fertile day so but i dont remember what the O day was.. but we did do it on that day lol


    BFN this month, but I’m surprisingly ok with it since the DH and I havent actually TRIED, and wont try til JUNE. We have two girls and would love a little boy this next time… I’ve heard that there are techniques to kinda manipulate your chances of having a boy or girl… Don’t get me wrong, I’d be elated to have another little princess, but any tips on how to possibly (if at all possible) increase our chances of having a boy??? 🙂


    Hello everyone… any new BFP’s??? Today is my 2nd day of Vitamins and Evening primrose oil. I must say that in the short amount of time Im already feeling much better. Oh and PS Pre-Seed is awesome stuff!!! Hubby and I tryed it this morning (sorry tmi) but its MUCH better then reg lube. Totally feels like our own bottle of EWCM… so cool.


    I’ve also got OPK, but this may sound silly don’t really know how to use them? So what do you mean a daint line? Does that mean ur O? Fingers crossed for both of us xx



    shirls – haha, be strong! I know I couldn’t do it



    CD 14, increase CM, go to do temp for BBT this morning and thermometer not there, looked on stand, in drawer all over floor and under bed, guessing 4 yr old used it as a toy, used reg therm and it said 97.1, which is dramatically lower then any other temps,
    (lowest temp 97.5) thinking maybe not accurate. I gotta hurry up and buy OPK today, nervous I’ll miss egg. (we’re trying to BD on days of O to increase chance of a boy



    @ trying fx she stays away for good. When did you say you were testing again?


    @baby2420 good luck hunni! fingers crossed for u!



    momof2- im so a jonny depp and brad type girl but recently ryan not just floats but rocks my boat!!!!!


    US (North Carolina) its Tuesday 11:45am

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