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    @turtlefur~I KNOW RIGHT!!!


    wannabe – did you get any options to kickstart some regular ovulation? do they know why you aren’t ovulating?



    I’m probably testing Saturday or Sunday (I’m due for the fat lady Sunday)!



    Hi everyone, just wanted to stop by and say this is Hope-n-joy here, have come back to give it one more go around at this ttcing thing, lol. Hope everyone is well and keeping the faith. Congrats to all the BFP’s out there!!!!



    Oh we will 😉 I was planning on doing every other day and then DEF on the day after the pos OPK and the day after that day as well!! 🙂 I am GOING to catch that egg!!! lol



    anyone still kicking around at this late hour?



    Congrats Vicky. H & H 9 months!


    ryansmummy~ welcome to the forum and praying you have a very short ttc journey 🙂



    Welcome Kemme * MommytoAbi – YAY I had my whole weekend planned to BD so I am still in the running!! 🙂



    well i did want to ask on this site, why they dont just bed every other day, but didnt want to start a riot!



    This might be tmi but I just got the crap scared out of me! I was going to the rest room and looked down and saw a red clump of somthing and my heart sank! Thank god it was sloppy joe! Although I have no idea how it got in my undies!



    thanks D! im good, really tired and want to cut my BBs off lol but other then that im great 🙂



    took a frer this morning, but it was another waste of money, because i had totally forgot that i didnt go to sleep til like, after 2am (and had used the bathroom at that time) then woke up at 6 something am and tested… obviously thats not enough pee! lol. then i decided this afternoon, hey, i feel like I have to really pee… let me take the last hpt and see… and i didnt even have 5 seconds of pee in me! hah! so another big time waste… i know this is ALL tmi… but ugh TTC makes you crazy and not even care about wasting money. Ive been taking HPTs like they’re free! lol. bfn this afternoon too…. i didnt buy any more tests, so this way tomorrow i can avoid wasting money… but i’ll buy for wednesday and take it with FMU. I mean I got the faint line with EPT, so that must mean somethinggggg. :/ thanks for the vent, ladies



    tove, whatever you decide you should decide asap, my mom gave birth to me when she was 45, i never really have a mother and daughter moment w/her, she was always at a grandma age comparing to my friends parents



    Mommy to Abi- I’m sure you are imagining it. When I use OPK’s AF is always and I mean always 14-15 dpo going by pos OPKs assuming I O the next day after first pos OPK. FX it is implantation cramping!!!! I am cramping too and have the increased CM, but AF really could be here any minute now for me as I’m not sure when exactly I O’d.

Viewing 15 posts - 12,241 through 12,255 (of 131,346 total)

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