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    eeyore- i also just found out today that one of my close friends is preggo….wrote a blog kinda about it lol….but other girls left comments and just because they got positives doesnt mean we’re left out! i think it was last one that said her and a few other friends were all preggo around the same time…dont give up!!! and heres some sticky dust to cheer you up *********


    Thank u soooo much ladies,I was starting to think I was out already lol. I’m temping I celcius as that’s all I no, damn it! Coz all u lot are F. Thanks again for ur help ladies xxx



    TMI- dh and I just BD’d just in case and there was lots of white stringy mucus which is a first for me…going to buy the first response and test Friday with fmu if af doesn’t show up by then. I am sad, ’cause none of my friends or family care if I get preggers again – I won’t be able to share with anyone! This one will be just for my little family – they all think we have enough kids (3 at home).



    Dmmarinewife…..LOL i wash my sheets every time we bd…..cant stand the after smell…the slightest wiff and it makes me gag, my washing machine is in overdrive around ovulation time!! LOL so my bedsheets are all shades of colours, i’ve even got a couple of black ones, but you’ll find no white marks on mine!!!! 😉



    Left what is pcos? Have you been doing anything different for ur periods to change?? My periods are always 7 days 🙁 maybe longer sometimes. I never had any pregnancy symptoms, I found out at 7 weeks coz I was throwing up for a week. So people might not always get sypmtoms.



    Congrats mf!



    that would be awsome!


    same as what happened to me DM- but no blood since and that was yesterday, i have a doc calling me tomorrow as i wanna get bloods done… i hope urs is implantation bleeding, i have read that it can take place on day of AF too, weird aye x



    yeah cherry i O’d on cd24 lol i guess its just an off cycle for us all!



    Good Luck seansmom0808! I hope your stay here is short. DH and I have been TTC for 10 months. I am on my 2nd round of clomid because I wasn’t ovulating. I never thought conceiving again would be this hard….


    Thanks girls, I think I will start today. Another question, I decided this morning that i should stop drinking my morning coffee because of the caffeine. It’s killing me!! Do you think that this is necessary? When I got preggo with my daughter I never drank coffee and so I decided maybe I should stop. What do you guys thinK?



    Hi ladies, I’ve got a question for my fellow POAS addicts. I had what I thought was a positive opk on Sat. and was pretty sure I ovulated on Monday, given the test and my cervical position changes. I took another opk test today (because I’m an addict, lol) and it’s clearly positive. So how long can an opk stay positive? My cervix was so high on Monday I could barely reach, today it’s mid level. Any thoughts ladies? Thanks!!



    HOPING_FOR_BABY_ROB—not normal at all.. af is ALWAYS on time and ALWAYS 3-4 days only. and i have never spotted like that before. no i havent taken a test. i figured it would be too early.



    Thanks jen! I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up but its hard! I feel like I have a better chance this month since I gained about 8 pounds (yay!). I think I will test at 10 dpo though if I am pregnant I fully expect a negative that early. I don’t know who wrote the previous post but I hear you on the negatives and sometimes it can get totally overwhelming. You can’t give up. I think anyone who wants a baby should have one.


    princess- haha have fun

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