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    lol Arctic, thanks so much – no rush of course, just drop me a line whenever you get a chance to work on it!


    2 days ago ladies i had spotting and cramping, could that off been implantation??. i thought i was 14dpo, but maybe im like 12dpo and implantation happened at roughly 10dpo???. i tested today to a BFN will test again in the week with a FMU. im new too this watching my body stuff lol so any help would be good ladies, thank you.



    Oh and Tiffy -don’t fret! You still have plenty of time!



    11 DPO today.. think it’s too early to test tomorrow am? (12 dpo)..? I really don’t feel ANY symptoms.. just some achey-ness in my abdomen? Nothing else. Not feeling like this is our month… again… but after tagging along for my best friend’s 9 week ultrasound yesterday, I still have hope… What do you ladies think.. 12 DPO too early to test? Should I wait?



    Mileysmommy…I bought the Answer OPK one-step package and the Answer OPK lab strips this month…I actually had more luck with the lab strips and they were cheaper than the one step sticks. I got the lab strips at Frys, and they came 20 strips in the package for 19.99…but I opened it and just pulled out the 2.00 off coupon at the register and they were under 20.00 bucks after all was said and done. It’s just about comparable to the internet cheapies, and you don’t have to wait for them. The one step package I got at Walmart for I think 8.00 or so? It came with 7 sticks and I used those along with the strips, but with the sticks, I always had two lines and had to speculate on the color darkness and whether or not it was pos…with the lab strips, I didn’t get two lines until I was getting my surge…took a lot of the guess work out of testing (for me anyway). I hope that helps!



    Bummed out had a BFN this morning started to spot in the afternoon and now AF has shown her ugly face! Not very happy to be on month 8 of TTC’ing. I’m ready to try any natural things now. I’m cutting caffeine, continuing my prenatals, thinking of taking evening primrose oil to increase the quality of my cm and someone talked to me about isoflavones and how it’s like a natural clomid, anyone know anything about this? Any other tips for naturally conceiving??? I’ll take all the info I can get!



    tiffyy…my doctor did a membrane sweep a week and a half before i was due(would have been 40 weeks july 28th), i went into labor and had my baby 3 days later (july 19th- 39 weeks)….every doctor is different BUT u are considered full term at 37 weeks….some women go over due, some dont make it to their due dates, everyone is different…



    Thank you ingodstime!!!! Fx for you and I will pray u catch that egg as well!



    I would love to deliver naturally, I feel like I’m naive or something and that no one doesn’t want the epidural these days, I really would love to know that I can handle natural child birth… is that ludicrous? Am I wrong in wanting to do it natural just to know I’m tough?



    Im CD16 but going to hold off for as long as possible to test so im keen for POAS party!!



    I’m here but its been dead in here for awhile so i think im gonna head off to bed now as its almost midnight GOOD LUCK



    lil.pigz that’s funny but sad! i did read that about pineapple and contractions but i’m not too concerned…if it were sure fire, we’d all be scarfing up pineapples to induce around week 40 and i don’t see that one right up there with EPO and castor oil hehe.



    k thanks arlz….3 hours it is….i think its been an hour or so already since i last went……so two more


    Mommy to abi- please stay. I really hope it gets darker and it’s your month xxxx



    I hate that big fat red lady!! Tried BDing lastnight (for fun obviously) but to encourage her along also…didn’t work!!

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