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    Caymanmum – I know the frustration of long cycles. My last couple have been 35 days and that is my shortest! I have gone over 70 days with no bfp!



    So much for having a practically perfect chart, huh? I’ll never trust BBT’s again, lol.


    Thanks for all the positive vibes!!! I’m still thinking it may show. Read somewhere that stress can delay it. But I haven’t been stressed. And waiting for it is torture.



    When i’m in remission, life is mostly normal…except that i take daily meds to keep me in remission. when i’m in a flare up, i take tons more meds and i have awful bowel/BM symptoms…like bleeding, urgency, accidents, bloating, etc…i don’t really feel sorry for myself though…i have a friend who is in cancer remission…so while i have a chronic disease, it’s not fatal and i don’t fear that my DD will grow up without her mother, like my friend.



    Hey everyone. So I have a question. My last period was october 12th and on october 22 I had egg like cm when I wiped after going to the bathroom. Does this mean i ovulated early? Would my period come early u think if I did?



    Praying–the test line has to be as dark or darker than the control line to be positive. I almost always have 2 lines, the test line is always light until I’m actually close to O’ing.



    7th- you had your last baby around the time I had mine! My son was born 11-15-11. I soooo wanted your sons bday though, doc just wouldn’t go for it. I was due nov. 20 though, so I don’t think we conversed much since we were in different weeks. Busy planning a birthday party yet? I am. Just got the party shopping done and presents bought today. Party is next weekend. Such an exciting age for toddlers! Maybe we’ll end up in a similar situation this time. I’m in the two too. 2-3 dpo. Good luck to you!



    Cherry – maybe we’ll be belly buddies again this time around 🙂 … I meant to pick up a FRER on my way home, but forgot – well, my son was SO cranky this evening in the car driving back from our friends, that I just was in a rush to get him home, and it slipped my mind! Well, I still have four dollar tests left, so I’ll still test in the morning. If I am pregnant, something should show up on one of the tests!



    Grrr I told DH I didn’t want to poas but he wanted me too. BFN @ 12dpo. He only had 4/6 more days to wait to get that answer grrrrrrr.


    seansmom, I’m currently going through the same thing with my son. As soon as I put him in bed he gets out. Lately what we’ve been doing though is trying to get him back into a routine. We have dinner, bath, some down time, bed and a book. After the book is done, I kiss him good night and tell him it’s bedtime and walk away. Yes, he gets out and he cries, but I close the door. He has a night light in there so it’s ok. I give him 5 minutes and if he’s still crying I’ll go back in, put him back in bed, tell him I love him but its bed time and then kiss him and walk away. I repeat the process for another 5 minutes. Usually within a few times of doing that he falls asleep and he’s even learned to tuck himself into the bed so I don’t have to move him. It gets difficult sometimes, and my husband and I often cave, but I’m sure if we just stick with it they’ll learn it’s easier just to close your eyes and go to sleep than to fight it. I hope this helps somewhat. I know it can be difficult but we can’t spend our whole night laying with them to go to sleep or else they’ll never learn to do it on their own. Let me know how it goes. 🙂



    Congrats lilpigz! Glad to hear I’m not the only one having issues with the $tree brand. Took my first frer this morning, and it’s another bfp!!! Still trying not to get excited until I see a couple days progression on them. So I will frer the next few days and see… Hoping for the best, but keep telling myself the worst… Thanks for the well wishes everyone!


    Well I think I’m out boo hoo. My Af is due tom and I started spotting this morning which I usually due before full flow. I’m also of thinking of backing off and relaxing to lose a little weight if it happens then great. Well hope we get lots of BFP this month baby dust to all!!!



    Thx Hun. I’m only cd19… So it’s still too early for me…



    hi girls my name is gill. im currently trying to concieve our third child. had 4 misscarages so fingers crossed for a smooth ride this time round. hope you are all well xx



    Sher, didnt you say you would wait til June so you don’t have a baby around Christmas time cos their are too many bdays plus holiday expenses around that time… Or was that someone else…. I really hope you get your bfp this month so you dont have to wait such a long time to ttc again

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