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    no worries – I am now DPO 14 and still nothing so am developing an unhealthy testing obsession!!! Thank goodness that Savers do a cheap range lol.


    DM- Are you testing once a day or twice? Also, when are you testing? Post a link to your chart. Even on clomid you should ovulate around CD 14, so CD 12 isn’t too long. I am waiting for O too, I thought I did yesterday but my temps say no. Had a ton of cramping and watery/ew cm but so far nothing really today :/



    oh ha ha. well i didnt use fmu. i used…2nd morning urine ha ha. but i think its still negative either way right? im pretty sure my surge and fertile period is done and over with! ha ha



    By the way- ff finally picked up my ovulation date and says I am 3dpo… Had my follow up with dr from chest ct- they are still inconclusive about what’s going on- but there’s a ‘4mm nodular density’ in the right upper lobe of my lung. So they want me to wait 6 months and repeat the ct to see if there’s change. If there is they will go from there- if not then it is just post inflammatory from bronchitis or some type of respiratory stuff I may have had going on.






    Hi Everyone I am now a Mrs and will post a pic on my profile when I get back home from my honeymoon. It is good to see some BFP’S happening, Baby dust to you all and I hope to see you ladies in the week by week forums real soon



    I think I should never ever take blue dye tests. I took a walmart one today and it was positive but I don’t trust it!! It’s a blue line and not an evap.



    I also have a tattoo of my boys names on my lower stomach, incorporated into other tattoos I got when I was younger with a quote directed at dh, but i don’t have his name or anything, and then I got an angel and a teddy bear on my ribs, cos my sons niknames are ‘angel’ and ‘bear’. I’m going to incorporate something for our next child, but will have to wait and see what their nikname ends up being after a couple of months, and will put their name and birthdate too. I also have a butterfly in my back. Dh only has first sons name and birthdate. He has never got around to doing anything else. Oh and we got matching lizards (dont ask me what i was thinking) for our 3yr anniversary. I basically have the one side of my ribs covered. I’m not going to get anything else done besides something for my next child. It gets addictive! I am so not in bikini shape so no one except dh and sons ever see any of it.



    My skin feels so sensitive, even to touch. My nipples hurt. I know its been a week since I had EWCM but is it possible? I dont know, maybe im thinking too much.


    ok, that makes sense….agh i am at work now………..gonna have to wait till i get home 🙁



    ~Lisa~ hey girl…that actually happened to me when I was pregnant…I had all of these symptoms and then they just dissapeared for a few days. not to get your hopes up but I would say that that does not necessarily mean anything since you have not passed the day you should be getting your AF 🙂



    That’s amazing news!! Sticking baby dust to you!! Faith! Sorry AF showed her ugly face!! Hopefully next month is your month!!



    wannabamommy8487, good luck on getting your BFP soon. Heres to 2010 Babies!!!


    YAY meggz!!! congrats again!! noooo shay 🙁 I feel your pain. this month is hitting me harder than I thought. going on 9 months now. I just broke down at work. Starting to get harder for me to brush off my disapointment. Your af is not due quite yet…give it a few more days then test again maybe? Hang in there………….
    ((hugs)) to you!!



    mommy*of*4*boys – looks like congrats are in order!! Congrats 🙂

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