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    tomatoes = good spermies? thats good, we have tomatoes everyday!! my fave thing at the minute has to be oliveoil mash potato…yum yum



    astonandme– iam not big on testing un nesisarily only because the big let down that we get but you can wait it out for a week or just go spend a couple of dollers on a test to get a final done answer.. and well i would test only casue you spoted and no af so wat can it hurt to put your mind at rest… ok well its really late here so iam of to bed dont leav to much for me to read in the morning lol.. night



    We have enough heros out there. Every now and again, we should recognize our SHE-ros.



    Jennifer- I just got off of my lazy arse and read……take a test honey! Have you tested yet??????? Let me tell you, the first time is a charm!!! BTW, baileesmom: my husband has a girls name from ‘work’ named Sarah Cherry in his email box- sounds a little suspect to me- huh????!!!! He tried to validate it- but, Tiger did too!



    thanks mommy of 4 ttc…. i just didnt know if i should get my hopes up or not… i am so afraid that i am gonna test this weekend and get a BFN…



    Anywhere from 2 – 7 days jenny, is the average. Some women spot for several days before full flow (CD1) and the brown spotting drags on for a few days extra, making a period seem to last 10 days. It all depends on how thick the uterine lining was that had built up during your cycle, and how open your cervix is to let the blood out. Period length does not usually impact how fertile you are, but if your period is really clotty, painful, really short or really long you should talk to your doctor about testing hormone levels or perhaps check for endometriosis/fibroids or something along those lines.


    Welcome to the site Mrs.Lloyd. We’re often frivolous, many times informative, and always supportive.



    Did they take measurements of fluid at the back of neck at your dating scan, they didn’t with mine? I had 2 dating scans last pregnancy because I was just under 10 weeks at my first scan so they did another scan at 12 weeks, non of them picked up that my baby had Patau Syndrome Trisomy 13.



    Hi! I am new to the site, but have been reading it constantly for about a week and a half. Here’s my story. I am going crazy right now. I have had cycles that range from 29 days to 35 days (I think). My last cycle started on Oct 15th. I took a test with FRER with FMU and it as a BFN. I dont really feel like AF is coming any time soon, but I dont want to get my hopes up too much. I am just going nuts though waiting!



    Hisangel, if this is AF starting, it should be in full force by tomorrow, so if you are hesitant to test, maybe wait until tomorrow and see if your spotting has stopped or gotten heavier.



    Yea sounds weird to me how about this?

    What if you bd every day or every other day but not on your ‘O’ day. or like me completely miss 3 days around your ‘O’ day but bd 3 days after. Do i get a girl from before i ‘O’ed or a boy who just got there faster.

    Its like a race to the finish, who’s gonna get that eggy first. lol



    Can I please have some views on my BBT chart on my blog and tell me what you girls think? I’m new to this charting thing, i’m a bit confused? Big congrats to babygal and aubree on your BFP, sticky 9 months to you both!! :o)



    were will i find pic?



    I just snarfed down an entire grab bag of skips!!! Urgh!!! Sooo not clever :o(



    I have never smoked but both my parents do and they had 5 healthy children with no issues. However, I agree you should defo give up so you can spend many happy healthy years with your children. I really worry about my parents health 🙁

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