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    TTCOURFIRST —- wow no symptoms yet? what cd ur on?



    LKDream – I am not officially TTC yet, but seriously toying with the idea! My baby girl is nearly 10 months old and I keep wondering when is too soon to start trying again! (Also have a 2 and a half year old) – I always wanted 3 or 4 children and wanted them close together, but I don’t want to be stupid either! I have started charting my temps again though in preparation. I kind of wish I had the guts to just DO it, but I know everyone would think I was nuts! Also, I’d rather avoid Jul/Aug (I’m a teacher so have a bit of a thing about it!) sooooooo I’m trying to decide whether to try now, next month, or wait until after Christmas to go for a September baby… I’m not on the pill, so can start ‘trying’ at any point, but only just stopped breastfeeding, so don’t really know what’s going on with my periods yet… Has anyone else had more than 2 children under school age? Would it be completely nuts? Argh! 🙂



    haha, so I did a poll in the Polls section about my really achy chest, asking if people though it means AF or if I may get my BFP yet and 19 votes in and it’s split almost 50/50, I was expecting a big slant one way or another, and was moreso expecting everyone to say that AF is on the way. I shouldn’t have done that, now I sorta feel hopefully that I may be preggo. hahaha, ugh!!!!!



    Well my bleeding from last night seems to have stopped for now. If I make it to the third without af then I will most likely take my last test



    Yolie, that is pormising! 🙂


    great fb page m/c, TTC, Pregnancy, Mommy 🙂 look us up


    We know Tahlia, and you have nothing to prove to anyone on here, hugs! And boy I wish it was true that you forgot all about labor, I am so glad I will be able to schedule a c-section this time around!



    Anyway, I had no spotting, still ‘felt pregnant’, but no AF. I wanted answers. Anyway, about a week and a half after AF was due she finally arrived. That whole thing has made me learn that there is nothing we can do. Instead of trying to divine information from symptoms and google, we have to find ways to keep our minds occupied and just wait it out. Easier said than done! I also have 2 kids and we will be actively trying for a third in Jan (if I am not pregnant this cycle which still has my fingers crossed! LOL). Hope you can find some answers. If I were you, I would ask my doc for a referral to an osteopath. They tend to try to find the underlying issues (ie figure out what is causing the cysts and treat that, not just treat the cysts). Good luck and updates! It isn’t over until AF is knocking on your door! If you are due in 4 days you might only be 10dpo, that is still pretty early. If you didn’t get implantation until 7-9 dpo, you wouldn’t get a positive for another 3 days and even that would be faint!



    LC- That totally breaks my heart :0( I am SO sorry! It seems like all too many of the people who I’ve gotten to know a little bit the last 3 months are having problems getting the baby to stick :0( It makes me so sad! :0(



    12 dpo…still waiting 🙁 I feel like its hopeleess, likee af is coming.



    @ Mommytoabi, BD today there is still a small chance to catch the egg and also sperm can live up to 5 days inside you so bding 3 days ago could also of helped fingers crossed for you.


    only a hand full of people know im ttc and then my support group i own which is lovely!!!!! those adies are a true blessing!!!!



    It’s not over till its over I try to say but I know what you mean! :0/



    treadonfoot, thats almost exactly the same as me! x ok will let u know how I get on, I’ll maybe wait until Im 12dpo which would be Monday…hubby is off work then, so it could be a nice time to do it. then he can pamer me if its a bfp, and comfort me if its a bfn! lol hugs to you, and best of luck x



    lol if we changed DD bed to a toddler bed i know she would climb out when she woke up at night. i would be running up and down the stairs all night

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