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    if you have severe back pain and clogs of blood then that’s a sign of miscarriage. otherwise give it a few days, you could be those weird out of date pple. 🙂






    Hi Cpalmer – yeh I know what you mean and I have had the exact same thing after finishing Birth Control hahaha hubby loved it….hahaha shame for him it didnt last forever. lol



    This time we don’t plan to tell anyone until we find out the sex. It will be our little secret unless people start guessing.



    clay – yikes where do you live?



    Sweet! janinem and newmama- we will be testing buddies!! Yay! I am planning on testing on the 27th if I am not having any symptoms, etc, but the earliest I would test is Fri the 22nd. I’m only 5dpo but I am already imagining symptoms lol so it will probably only get worse! I’m actually having some lab work done on the 21st to check hormone levels. I was going to ask if they would throw a complimentary HCG test in there too! lol They probably can’t since it was not ordered by the doc but it won’t hurt to ask! =P



    Kirsty I would wait a few more days, i heard you can get a false negitive but you can’t get a false possitve so if they are any trace of a line chances are you are, with both my boys i did tons of tests!!! everyone was very faint finally ended up going to doctors, give it till monday, remember it’s not negitive until that af arives!! ******** baby dust to you ***********


    hey ladies, haven’t been on i’ve been crazy busy still waitin on AF should have been here on the 15th (with a 28 days cycle) tested sat and another BFN


    sarah-LMAO. Me 2, me 2. I have symptoms too but there all probably in my head too. My bbs are sore, i’ve been nauseas in the AM, cramping sine O



    HaHaHa!!!! That sounds like my DH!!!
    I’ll be like that too sometimes but when I really get ticked off at work, oh man, do I ever need a smoke!!


    Yes 13th Dec roughly



    di- good for you! Glad your body has decided to cooperate! =)



    Thanks Cpalmer! I hope she stays away too. I had a bit of a hormonally grumpy day yesterday…stormed off and went to bed. Later I thought maybe this is something related to pg? Than again what ISN’T a sign of pg?



    baby my opk this morning looked almost pos – but then really faint line this afternoon, infact almost non existent :/ im havin real sore pains right across my stomach now, including either side – real symptoms of mittelschmerz – the bleedings slowed down a bit…..



    Taren I’m so sorry for your loss, my prayers go out to u and ur family..

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