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    welcome back c!! good to see you again!! princess had weirdo things with opk i think,, and she feels soy is the factor, she has blogged it too!! ;)))



    loraclacy – how have you managed to keep up so much BDing?! lol – get so fed up of it! Thankfully, I read that every other day/1.5 days is optimum, as the man needs time to regenerate good sperm, so I am using that as my excuse not to have to do it all them time! haha! I hope it works for you and that your egg gives in to all those swimmers!! So sorry to hear your story – I really feel for you and hope God blesses you with a healthy baby really soon x



    yolie – the link to your chart did not work properly 🙁



    Ladies I need advice!
    I have one son, 2.5yrs old, had a m/c last September, worst time of my life, baby that was to be would be due in a fortnight.

    I got my period this month again but my husband and I barely do it anyway, he’s too tired with work, but we did do it about 3 days before i ovulated i think but i dont think he came, sorry! he said he did but nothing came out he thought, i agree as i didn’t feel anything, ok so i was ill through the month, and my period came 2 days late, but it’s also been quite light, my main thing is how light is a light period? My trousers are so tight on me today and i have overeaten and drunk etc, but i shouldn’t feel this bloated still? As I felt so flabby last week i really cut back on loads this weekend so i should feel more normal by now.
    Any advice?



    hi girls!!! how are we all,update me,am at work and cant go back and read all the pages,hehe i had my first hcg bloods today,hope its going up and up… fingers xed



    temp back up again today and slightly crampy. Last night in my dream I saw rows and rows of positive pregnancy tests! Wondering if my body is trying to tell me something or if this just means I am thinking about it too much! lol – we will see!



    Thanks Diane, you were right. I was an implantation dip. Woohoo!



    Hi ladies!! Im not officially trying but ive got the pregnancy fever. My youngest is 13 months and I had a csection so about another yr for me…also doc advised me to lose weight. Sighh idk why im so eager to have #4 but I just feel like im not done! Heres some baby dust sprinkle sprinkle ****** hope u gals get BFP!
    * * *



    Haha FINLAYSMOM, df rekons I only want sex for a baby and I just say ‘yeh and you’ll like it when im pregnant’ haha when I was pregnant with dd all I wanted to do was bd like 3 -4 times a day all the way to 9 months, and then after her and 2 operations I have no drive at all either. AMY hahahaha god that gave me a laugh, df says that same thing except ‘you should sit on my cock’ haha bloody men! . COCO im soo sorry I hope its not a m/c or chemical or anything id rather them be evap or fake pos then that happen



    momfromcanada: Ha, no, I don’t know which side she lived on. I didn’t realize Edmonton was so big! She always makes it sound like she knew everyone there. Lol



    I am feeling a bit better this end of the week but my temp is up again. Glad I got it now tho b4 being preggo



    luv2teach – The earliest I have ever seen a valid BFP was 8dpo, and that was with a high sensitivity internet test and even still it was VERY faint. The egg usually implant sbetween 7-10dpo, on average. So I usually dont test until 12dpo, or atleast I don’t take the bfn results seriously until then,lol. I see a lot pop up at 10-11 dpo with bfp’s so there is a better chance. OPK’s are hit or miss with trying to detect pg. Some people it works, others not, but again I wouldnt try that route until a few days before AF is due. My OPK showed bfp at 26 days with AF being due at 28 with my last pg. Or you can just poas every day like most of us addicts until you get a result you want:).



    there must be a bug going around then DARN it seems like everyone is sick right now i hope its cause im pregnant but it dosnt seem like it 🙁 we will find out on either saturday or wednesday.


    Alohamom3- that is the sweetest thing ever! MOMFROMCANADA- I have had it rough and knew since I was 21 that it might be rough. I had endometriosis and had surgery. Then tried two years and had a roughy time and told many times I would never have kids. Had my son and had lots of complications there as well. Got pregnant last February and had my mc at 12 weeks. Waiting it so bad to be easy this time! Sorry Af is making me sad and mad and all kinds of emotions this time!



    Thanks shelly, and sorry aubree.

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