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    i left for 5 mins to tend to DD and u ladies are quite chatty this morning 🙂


    Dm was that to me? If so I’m CD33.



    When r u going to test C?



    seansmom0808 – When was your LMP? I use OPKs so I know for sure (within a few days give or take) when I ovulate. If you don’t know when you ovulate it would be hard to know when to test. I bought some Wondfo HPTs from amazon (which are super cheap – they have cheap OPKs too) so I test from around 10 DPO on until AF shows her ugly face.



    momma2katelyn, i have never cut out my caffene. i dont drink it in excess but i dont cut it out.



    Congrats meals on your BFP!! Jenica and to anyone else tat can answer this… I often read about people checking their cervix… how do you do that? ( i know dumb question) and what exactly does doing this tell you? dmmarine, I will def be keeping my FX for you!!! When is your apt on monday… morning? My account wasn’t working at all yesterday, I wrote to the admin and she said they were having quite a few tech difficulties lately a lot of issues with the site have been popping up so hopefully they will clear some of these issues up soon so this stops happening! I am on CD 9… so it is landing perfectly being on a weekend so we can get quite a few bd’ing in and hopefully we can join the weekly bandwagon that has been happening 🙂



    tat – That sucks! AF always has a way of showing up at inconvenient times for me as well. DS and I went to Washington DC a few weeks ago and wouldn’t ya know that AF came the night before we left. GRRRR!



    Wow there are a few in here still BF, I am also my still feeding my 15month old 2 times a day. I seem to be ‘O’ing according to my BBT although its very irregular, but thats the same as before DS. As for me I’m 9DPO today been nausious and extremely tired for 4 days now, DH really really wants me to POAS has been telling me to since 7DPO. I told him I wont do it before 10DPO so tomorrow is D day, I will be POAS with FMU wish me luck 😀


    arctic- oowwy



    Goodness. How am I ever going to make it through the next two weeks? What is the earliest I can test? I am on a 31 day cycle.. Does anyone else test around that time?



    Mmmm Snickers! haha As long as you’re not eating it all together. Can’t imagine Swiss cheese and chocolate going well together. Any of you had wierd cravings during your last pregnancies?


    I was reading about irregular cycles and ovulation and they recommend not using a ovulation tracker which I have been. So I feel like I ovulated later for sure. I’m sorry to keep going on about myself but I don’t have anyone to talk to! :/ so here’s to another week of hoping and praying for higher levels that will show up on a digital test!!!



    TBT – hmm, well I hope it sorts itself out for you soon then. I will still hope for implantatoin



    Thx damnkat- this is the one time I’m kind of hoping it’s a tad bit off- for ovulation purposes… Lol. In the mean time- between af cramps and side effects of clomid I’m wanting to claw my stomach and sides out right now… How are YOU. Doing? Lol



    Hello Ladies! This is the most active forum on this entire site so ima post my question about toddlers in here: When should I introduce pillows and blankets into my daughters crib? She’s now 2yrs old and all she sleeps on is a fitted sheet. You bring em home from the hospital and everybody’s hollering about what NOT to put in the crib because of suffocation hazards and now I’m scared to put anything in there! Please help.

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