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    Alex, I had the same spot of light pink blood with my first. The other cramping your having down onto your upper hip? Sounds familiar too. I am feeling those same cramps right now. Although not as bad as they were a few says ago. I’m 13 dpo



    So as I mentioned yesterday, I got my positive opk at 10am yesterday morning. It was MUCH darker than control line. At 11pm it was lighter again than the control. So we bd the night before I got the positive, then morning of at about 4am, then again last night at midnight. Going to try convince dh to do it again tonight in the hope I can catch that egg. You would never think a guy would not want to dtd but I guess it can get a bit much for anyone. He keeps complaining he is getting worn out. Lol.



    aubree0730, thank you… Ill look into that and check how much iron my prenatals have.



    Lol u got it girl!!! Help those lil swimmers out!!



    I scheduled an appt with my OB. They can not get me in til Nov 10th. I guess we will know then if it is a PG symptom. But I kept the appt anyways just incase. Its kinda crazy.. My bra has a little bit of dampness to it from still leaking a little. This is just crazy. Def not a symptom I had with my other 2 kiddos.. But that was 8 yrs ago. ?? I am just puzzled???


    Mizzy..what kind of vitamins are you loading up on? I am taking prenatals…but if there are more that will help I would love to know!



    Good morning 2010Baby! High 5 for a great name choice!



    I am feeling hopeful this month. I have been CRAZY emotional and that happened before I got my BFP’s with both my son and daughter. Although I have had good reason to be emotional. My 5 year old has been bullied all year by another kid in kindergarten.. The kids has gone so far as to say that he is going to stab my son with a ‘real knife’ and he punched him in the face last week so I pulled him from school and demanded a meeting with the school board. They’re doing nothing about it other then offer MY son counselling to help him cope better. SO FREAKING MAD. But normally I can control the tears until I am on my own… I bawled like a baby in front of EVERYONE… and then continued to cry all day yesterday after the meeting.



    I took the night off but it could be a few things. And when I had spotting it was like a pinkish color. It could be just the egg implanting further.



    Mizzy- Fingers crossed for you. Sher- Maybe he should just sign his rights over if he doesn’t want to be involved and she feels like pushing the matter. Not saying whats right and whats wrong, he has to want to be involved or else its not going to work out. She on the other hand she have known how it was going to be and been prepared. The fact that shes getting child support should be a blessing for her because I know a few others in her shoes and they get nothing. The fathers haven’t even acknowledged that the babies were born and they are over a year old now. As for the lining I’m not sure. Mine before my loss in feb were first day really light, 2nd day medium to heavy flow and then the 3rd day was medium to light and then 1 to 2 days of spotting. Now its medium on day one, heavy on day 2 and heavy to medium on day 3, spotting on day 4 and then light on day 5. I’m CD 6 today too. Thought I was going to be CD 5 today until I looked at my apps last night. I’m trying to be calm about this cycle and hoping for the best. Not going to stress too much this cycle but I’m thinking positively and this will be my cycle! At least I hope so anyways 😉



    Brittany, don’t start progesterone until the day after you are sure you ovulated. Progesterone before you ovulate will just delay ovulation if anything.



    Anyone here have kids already if so how long did it take to conceive? 7 months with my daughter, one month with my son…so far on third month, fingers crosssed



    11 DPO and I’m not testing again until 13 DPO. I cannot take another BFN, especially when I look at FF and I’m at 58 points for pregnancy, and I feel completely pregnant! So I will wait. And feel stupid if I get another BFN.



    floydianslip2…my cycles are similar to yours and it’s really hard to know when I have o’ed…I try and BD every 2nd day once I’ve gotten over AF! I’m on my 2nd cycle of ttc…I really hope for a bfp this time around and if it doesn’t happen I’m going to try OPK’s!
    twomarchbebes…I’m excited for you! hope you get your BFP with the next test! I didn’t get mine until AF was due! Fingers crossed for you!



    Lisa, that sounds like cramping associated with the embryo burrowing deeper into your uterine wall. It can be a nasty, stabbing type of cramp. If you do have any really extreme cramps or bleeding, talk to your Dr.

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