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    I want twins!!!



    Actually, it is a Cocky Bread Winning Husband!!!!!! Oh, btw- we BD today and right afterward LITERALLY, I hadn’t even caught my breath yet- he started talking about what a ‘great salesman he is and this big deal that he is working on’ Give me a break!!!!!!!



    Good morning ladies. We are all waiting for Blessed aren’t we? She better hurry up already! Rooey-it’s way to early for me to be readin those big words….lol xoxox and baby dust to all!



    Good Morning Ladies. CD21 and 7 dpo for me today.



    Ladies, I have a friend here and she had a question that I have been wondering about too. In the event a woman does not ovulate, will her body still behave as if she is? For instance, if she is not Oing, will her BBT rise, will her cervix change, etc.?



    thebigtomato – I’m so sorry for your news. I’ll keep you in my prayers.



    My due date would be September 11th if it happens this month I can’t test until the December 5th.



    hey ladies- 44me-that happened to me once the day i was due for af i spotted then the next day i did a hpt it was soooo light positive but sure enough i was indeed pregs… unfortunalty it only stuck till week 8.. so doo another test in the morn or coupke of days if you can wait pre congrats….
    so ladies my doc said if hadnt goten pregs by march she wants to try clomid 🙁 .. shes not big on me doing my temps and stuff as it can be very stressfull but can any one msg my profile about wat in involved in opks and all that other testing you ladies do every month just so i can get a idea of wat its about.. much appriciated



    hmmm and MrsBolden – Congrats on your BFPs!! boneablaze and dsquared83 – good luck testing, sounds promising. Today is CD25 for me and still no EWCM and BFN on the OPK. It will be the latest I’ve Oed since before I got PG. Waiting sux. Hope y’all are having a nice weekend.



    Good morning Ladies – CD28/29 here (no idea on DPO lol). I have a feeling I am out this month too but time will tell. Last night I felt very nauseous and tired but today I feel fine so I am trying not to look for symptoms. If I am not pg this month then I think we have one more month before we have to take 2 months off TTC.



    iemommie……Im so sorry for your loss


    After my dh and i bd i wait a few minutes and when i get up it feels like everything is pouring out of me. Am i losing the sperm he just deposited?



    Thanks guys…..I thought all yall had disappeared after I said I was a smoker! Lol….I think it may be because Im not ready to, but how can I be like Im not ready at the same time Im ready to have a baby…..I’ve even had a heart attack at 21 and that didnt stop me, but that was because I was smoking on BC….



    mommydiana- Give it a couple of days and try another one. The first one I took was 3 or 4 days before AF was due and I just let it go as an evap.



    I got my MD appt moved up to Wed morning at 830!! YAY!

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