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    avas… by the way, wanted to mention that both my sis-in-law and i both had lots of chills and were freezing the first 5 or 6 months of pregnancy. so I think it *can* be a symptom.
    janet… I never get that feeling in my bb’s when AF is coming, but both pregnancies definitely did. *fingers crossed*



    lol debih – graphic but very informative! I agree!



    Janet, I still produce and I have not breast fed for over three months now



    affinity – i had many of those things going on during 2ww. Nausea and sense of smell bigtime. Cramping and weird sensations. Up until saturday I was convinced that i was preggers. But the bfn threw that notion right out the window! I guess I am nervous to test again too, incase I get another bfn. But absence of af is giving me hope. I only have 1 hpt left, so am going to save it till the morning. When I tested saturday, i didn’t decide to do it until almost lunchtime, so didnt use fmu. That may have had an impact on result too??? Just being optimistic! thanks for your support.



    Dawn I just saw that ur AF is due in a few days..good luck ..what test will u use, just curious what everyone uses



    congrats herein!


    LAURA: From who?



    Cd41 of a 40 day cycle and bfp but no sign of af although temp seemed to dip by .3degrees c this morning. What do u reckon- blatant honesty required don’t try to be nice!!!!



    I know – sometimes I think I am just ‘feeling’ the symptoms but they aren’t really happening. I want to know but I don’t at the same time…does that make sense? Like, if my AF doesn’t come on Monday I am now telling myself I will wait until Wednesday but I REALLY want to test Sunday.



    Those of you that have taken clomid, how long after the last pill did you ovulate? I took it CD 3-7…I am on CD 8. My doctor told me ‘mid cycle’ so should I assume around CD13-15? I am going to start taking OPK on Thursday since I heard clomid can cause false postitves up to 3 days after last pill.



    so girlies – is ovulation type cm a good sign of pg?



    My test was a clear neg but there was a silver/clear line ( no colour) where the 2nd line would be, is this what we call a evap line, does it mean anything??? I know unless there is 2 clear pink lines it’s a positive but as u guys are the experts I thought I wud ask?? DMmarine- I wud be furious, I already struggle with leaving my daughter at the school gates, and leaving her in other peoples care, they have to be so much more independent once they leave nursery, nobody looks after ur child like u do xx



    Cleo- You are not being a downer 🙂 You are just being harder on yourself. It is not your fault for what happened 🙂


    Member – If you sign up at and go to the Chart Gallery, you can search for charts with a few different criteria. If you get a VIP account, it will search specifically for a chart that mimics yours. Good luck, my fingers are crossed that you get a BFP soon!



    Hey ladies!!! When are you guys testing??

Viewing 15 posts - 124,441 through 124,455 (of 131,346 total)

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