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    Hey laurapreggo! And welcome Bubblebump!



    ok so i have a question re cafein. I know it definitly not good while TTC or when your pregnant. i had not problem when I got pregnant with my son. After i found out I was preggers i quite coffein all together. I’m not a pop dringker and the only cafffein I have is a half coffee and Half hot chocolate mix in the morning and it’s not every mornign. I was just wondering I’m having one this morning and it is giving me really bad craps so I couldn’t finish dringking it. How much caffein is ok to have when ttc( if any)



    baby786, don’t give up yet!!!!!!!! With my 1st i didn’t know i was preggers until 6 weeks. I had no pregnancy symtpoms at all until after i got a bfp. So not feeling it….. doesn’t mean you are not. Baby dust to you!!!!!!!


    Good afternoon everyone!



    thanks di 🙂


    Fingers crossed AF stays away for u



    No, not 1! but I didn’t start testing until CD11, and I know I caught pg with Josh at CD6 so here’s hoping I have just OV early again, and not that I’m just not OV at all… I have more symptoms ths am – I felt really dizzy and nauseus when I first got up, my DH made me a coffee and I could even take a sip, the smell was vile (and I LOVE coffee) and my bb’s are so tender that it hurts when I move to quickly.. I just jope I’m not imagining it all..


    Yeah fingers crossed you will and get some advice but i wouldnt worry too much at this stage 18lbs is still in the normal range and besides at this stage a babys weight is still based on genetics unless you have a baby who loves food then they will tend to put on more weight than they should



    chibijoyce – Thank you for the input too!! Not sure how good the first response tests are, they arnt digital but I dont know how sensitive there are either…hmm…guess we might find out friday 🙂



    Kristy2, one thing you’ll learn about your cycle when using OPK’s, is you never seem to ovulate when you think you’re supposed to – lol. With a 28 day cycle, you’d think you’d ovulate on day 14… use an OPK or track BBT, and you find out you ovulate on day 18, or day 10… our bodies like to trick us sometimes 😉



    crazy – it is so annoying!! i hate having to wait weeks and weeks to get my period. i bet you do too. i think i am going to make a doctor’s appt because this is bullshit!! pardon my profanity. LOL



    o wow! did you keep getting BFNs?



    I know what you mean about finding the time when you have kids. We’re pretty creative sometimes if the mood strikes us during the day when the boys are around. Alright I should probably get my butt off the computer and ready for this day. It’s so nice outside and I’m going to take advantage of this weekend w/ the kids. Maybe get a sunburn, unusual for October around here.



    Af is due the 26th so if i dnt see her i will test the next day!


    Anyone else being driven mad by the 7 more days to wait til testing?

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