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    damnkat hopefully af gets a move on for you or you get a bfp 🙂 xxx vikki i’ve not heard of that before. did you test?


    min40 – Thank you! I have never heard of that drug but then again I have a VERY regular 28 day cycle. (lets hope it is not so regular this month LOL)


    waiting4agirl- I have knocked my daughter down to keep her from reaching what she was about to get into. I didn’t have the seconds left to put 2 gentle hands on her. Has happened more than once! You do what you gotta do! That sounds brutal but say (IDR my situation but SAY…) u look and ur toddler has pulled up a chair and her hand is 3 inches and getting closer to a hot eye… Ya know? Better to land in the floor! :/



    I think so as a blood test is more sensitive than a home pregnancy test



    Not even a hint of a line today with FMU, must have been a dodgy test, knew I didn’t get my hopes up for a reason. What a crappy day….Also got a call from the shop where my truck has been for 2 days now getting fixed… $1680.00 is my bill when I go pick it up today….Today is just one of those days…I haven’t told DH about the negative test yet, I don’t want to see him so defeated. 🙁 Sorry for being so down today…



    ArcticArlz – it seems nice and friendly. i loved this place when i was preg with my ds i think i wouldve been a big bag of useless nerves if it wasn’t for all the ladies here!



    Hello ladies boo to any bfns and AF’s, and YAYY to all BFPs. Nothing too much going on. Cd 7. And BD just for fun. But i have one question when should I start doing the opks



    Hurricane Bill looking like it’s heading northeast Chasity? It’s raining and 11C here today… miserable!


    Morning ladies, good luck to those of you testing in a few hours… 6dpo for me, still no symptoms to report, … well af is due exactly 1 week from now so its just the countdown to c if she will or wont show her ugly face….. dmarine- boo to the bfn, maybe it’ll show up in a few more days???? ive decided that next month im not even going to look at the ovulation calander, im just going to bd whenever i feel like it!!!! lol….



    Good Morning Ladies! Can’t stay on too long, I was late yesterday!



    Brandy, I’d say the day following your DARKEST +OPK.



    same here on the lingerie, if I wear it, it’s just to make myself feel sexy, he couldn’t care less



    liam – thats what we decided to do this cycle and now I have no idea whats going on! typical!



    lol i hate this crap…



    Dmmarinewife I have an I phone and I used the fertility friend app I like it u can either put everything in on your phone or the computer and it syncs both ways. I have been using it for a while it even calculates your chance of pregnancy from going by statistics of other peoples charts it’s very informative and detailed

Viewing 15 posts - 124,666 through 124,680 (of 131,346 total)

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