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    dont kow if anyone of you have seen it (im in canada but probably plays in the states). THere is a niquil comercial of a guy sick in bed and he calls for his wife and then asks her to call his mom and she just throws him the nyquill bottle. omg too funny!



    Thanks! I am 12 dpo today. I put my chart for this month up and my hpt pic, it’s really faint.



    i wanna be pregnant too!!!!!……… i’m hoping to follow behind u next month if this provera works accordingly, and hopefully i wont need the clomid.



    Thanks for the luck, ladies! I hope I o-ed, but I really am starting to think I didn’t. It’s amazing how easily we can play mind games with ourselves…



    eliciamadora – Congrats on ur BFP!!!!! YAY!
    *wyatts*mommy* -im sorry for ur loss im glad that its not a molar i had my gf go threw one of them and it was horrible…
    I am almost a week late and a crying mess. Now my partner has what we expect to be my m/s and is hurling up with me in mornings… Heartburn is now at full swing.. I havent tested since my last one was a neg.. so i did a blood test today and i will find out results on friday/monday 😀 Baby dust to us all



    Eeyore, FF can be so funny in determining O day! It bases O partly on prior months patterns and on getting a run of temps higher than pre-O temps… sometimes I thing our real O day is somewhere between when we think we O, and when FF thinks we O – lol!



    Bankerchic – Last AF was Jan 15th …. But It had been almost 6 months since my last one lol … Ive never used OPK’s before…since i dont know when AF is gonna arrive should i use the OPK’s like every few days?



    hope its a bfp for you left83!



    Hey ladies! Just checking in! Congrats Meals…H&H 9 months to you! I hope you all get on the BFP train soon!!


    Oh, and on top of AF I woke up with a huge cold sore! lol SO much for my romantic weekend in Montreal without the kids! lol



    DM – so sorry for your loss, yeah i think the D+C is CD1 but dont be surprised if your cycle is a little longer for this first one. Hope you get a sticky BFP real soon xx



    FF took away my o date because I have ewcm supposedly after ovulation. I only had ovulation detected because I set it to go by opk’s, not temp. I counted my cd21 opk as positive even though it wasn’t quite, but I still counted it. So it is possible that I still haven’t o-ed, but if not I’m not going to conceive this cycle because my doc told me to stop bd-ing so I can test on cd35 and then if bfn start provera to start my next cycle and my higher dosage of Clomid.



    Mommy- If you are 12 DPO, can you take a test to be sure? I am thinking implantation is usually 7-10 days after, but you never know!



    Lc I just turned 19 in june haha. The youngest iv noticed anyone on her is 22. I was 16 when I got pregnant n 17 when I had her.. Good luck left, when I was 16 I didn’t get my period for 3 months once for no reason, I never cared if it was regular or not I was just happy not to have it lol



    well ladies i got my bfp today!

Viewing 15 posts - 124,696 through 124,710 (of 131,346 total)

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