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    i know arlz, i made it all the way to the end when his mom was gettin old and sick and i just burst into tears lol my daughter probably thinks im crazy



    Hi ladies I haven’t posted for a whole but been following the news feed. I’m 14 dpo AF is due today. I’m having some cramping but my boobs are really sore. I haven’t got any hpt and can’t get one until later. I have got some opk so I took one of those and it’s a really strong positive. Do you think I could be pregnant? X



    I’m supposed to start AF tomorrow but no PMS like I usually have so maybe I have a longer cycle this month? Who knows?



    @joelyne where is your pain at? is it just your left side?



    NahNah, does your AF usually last 15 days?



    lindsayt- yes i have been having symptoms hun like peein alot more then usual, feelin sick and havin alot of niggly stretchin kinda pains in my lower tummy and sides i ignored it for awhile but then when my usuaky heavy period was extremely light i thought i have to test lol.. iv used this brand test before and never had an evap line but what with havion the coil im unsure if its a pos test lol thankyou for your opinion hun xx



    Ugh I am so sick feeling 🙁



    CD12 and its time to start bd’ing… i have not taken my OPK today, but I guess I will start tonight. I was told by you ladies that cd12 twice a day until I O was good,is this still correct?



    seans- I know how that goes. My brother and I used to be close and we dont speak at all anymore. His girlfriend accidentally got pregnant when we were trying the last time. He is so irresponsible and my mom totally takes care of him and his girlfriend- and its like all the things I have done right in my life dont matter. But take a deep breath- we will have our BFP soon!



    UPDATE: got my HCG results back. They went from 1537 (last Monday) to 4520 yesterday…so my pregnancy is confirmed! I can’t believe it! I’m 5 weeks 🙂 🙂 🙂



    two2 i hear melb is the place to be,, one of my really good mates is moving there at the end of the year and a girlfriend and i are planning to triping it to visit.. sounds like melbourne may be a very good thing for you esp in the ttc part.. good that dh wont be doing nights anymore..;)



    Are any of you ladies still awake?


    Just took at test at 7dpo..bfn of course, what was I thinking??? It’s the middle of the day to, not even fmu! I kept telling myself not to but before I knew it I was poas. I really have to get this poas addiction cleared up or by the time it is actually the right time to test i am not going to have any left!



    Lol you and me both poofy. did you get blood work too?



    @Sunflower: i’ve got the dark spotting that precedes AF 🙁 I really thought we caught the egg too. We BD’d the 3 most fertile days (& then some) according to my chart. ugh…witch…..i still want to poas though…

Viewing 15 posts - 124,711 through 124,725 (of 131,346 total)

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