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    dlee, I’d say you should expect AF this week, so you might want to start testimg in the next couple of days – Good luck!



    Proud mommy I believe it helps increase cervical mucus which helps the sperm get up there. I still had pain this morning but by the time I went to the doc this afternoon it was totally gone. I haven’t ovulated yet… Day 4 of ewcm and cd 19



    I’m having major EWCM. Is that normal after ovulation? What the heck? Cervix is still definitely almost closed.


    Thanks, ladies! Still totally over the moon. This pregnancy is already far different than when I was pregnant with our daughter. No MS, only slightly sore BB and starving!! I lost weight in early pregnancy becuase I was turned off by food and puking so much. Definitely not this time, unless MS is waiting to ambush me! Maybe this means we’ll be having a boy this time? Our daughter, who is 21 months, has been telling us for the past couple of days that Mama has a baby brother in her tummy. So cute!! Good luck to you all! I plan to keep stalking the TTC forum off and on to check up on all of you, but especially so until we figure out just how far along I am. Will most definitely miss all your positive words.



    Diane-taketwo- what CD are you on now?



    I’m starting to lose hope. I know not to test until missed period but there are test out there that can allow you to test 5 days earlier. I bought an EQUATE 5 days earlier test and it showed a negative. Should I still have hope or no? I am 10 DPO.



    awww my DH just called and he wants to take me out to dinner we havnt been out to dinner in forever how sweet. :0)



    Hi ladies 🙂 soo many of us waiting for our BFP in about a week or so… I have 8 days left before the big testing day 🙂
    i-wanna-be-a-mommy – i want to POS but i dont cause i know its a waste of time…. but yes i want to lol 🙂
    goingfornumber3: Yay!! Glad your levels are going up as supposed to be 🙂
    Emmy: you never know still a few days 🙂


    …still hurts, just not so intense…



    Ladies I need advice, I had laparoscopy 3 weeks ago tmrw, had laser surgery on edemitriosis last AF rough,y started around 17.10.12 so would av been most fertile last week me and o/h was away in Barbados and we bd every other day, so yesterday I started spotting browny red with a belly ache and my back is killin me but now browny red has stopped but belly ache and back ache still there would this be too early for any signs implementation spotting? Am I jus wishing? X



    @ Keegansmommy so sorry for your loss, nature is cruel bitch at times. hugs to you x



    Thank you for your suggestions Silvereyes and Erin. I haven’t taking a warm bubble bath since my youngest was a infant. I definitely could listen to some adult music, the children’s CD’s are all I hear with the kids around. 🙂 Plus a lot of the stress and anxiety is b/c I stopped smoking in July 2012 and feel eager for one. I don’t want to start that up again b/c I caved into daily stress. TY again ladies. 😉



    now it’s like 2.7 ish dpo. but who’s counting?



    Having pretty sharp painful cramps on my right side, same side I o’d from. I am about 5dpo. I had the same last cycle and of course af came so I am not seeing it as a positive sign ;( af due in 6-9 days. Today I am CD 16. Any thoughts? We BD 11/27,11/30,12/1



    I took Weds – Fri off on Vacation, so I’m hoping the next 5 days go by really fast since I’ll be hanging out with my son and husband. When I’m back at work next Monday I’ll be 9 dpo dying to test lol.

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