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    not sure when i ov i had brown cm few wks back so dnt knw wat to think lol



    So I havent been on here for the last two days any updates or BFPS???? According to my last few cycles i have had a 27 day cycle and yestersay was it, And no AF which is looking possitive for me. I did pregnancy test on friday but I think I peed to much Lol. So now i am just going to wait until Wednesday to do another. I Keep going to the toliet Expecting to see AF but as hard as i wipe Nothing SORRY about TMI. I have been extremely tired like i mean going to bed at like 7.00 at night straight after i put DS to bed. So here is hoping that is a good sign. The only sign i dont have is sore boobs but they feel slightly heavier. FX until wednesday i suppose.



    Youngmum, I have a feeling she gave me the cost if you have insurance.. wish I still had my Rx coverage, but lost it last year when I did not return to work. Health care may be ‘free’ in Canada, but prescriptions sure aren’t!!



    Sounds like y’all are having a blast this morning. Can I borrow one of you OCD people for a bit? My house could use a good once over. Can’t hang around and play. Spiked quite a fever over night, and my joints are swollen again, so I guess the antibiotics aren’t working. Supposed to hear back from the doctor tomorrow about test results. Plus I have to take DH to the doctor ’cause his injury isn’t getting any better and he finally has said he will go. You ladies have a good one!



    I am hoping this is the weekend we get pregnant!



    I love you ladies, you make my night. I’m off to eat dinner and put the little one to sleep soon. I’ll be on later. Bye for now.


    yes the ingrdients is 125% folic acid, 100% iron 12% calcium, thryroidinum, pr ogesterone paeonia alba panax ginseng, sabina, agnus castus



    Ok after 7 (s-e-v-e-n) BFP’s I’m going to say it…I’m PREGNANT!!! Praise God.



    I have expierenced implantation bleeding with all of my pregnancies. And every time it started the day AF was due and lasted 3-5 days and was very light and nearly brown…



    I will be trying for a January BFP. I just started with AF 🙁 Its a big bummer this month for me and DH.. But we’re not giving up! Good luck!



    thx ….good luck to you too 😀



    Amy – Thanks for your opinion. I’ll do some research on that. Yes, gonna take a photo right now.



    Well, hubby has decided to take matters into his own hands. He’s convinced we do not BD enough, so this cyle (I am on CD 8) we will BD’ing every day until AF arrives. Gosh, I am going to be sooo tired. Here’s to his way of doing things!! **Shake** **Shake**



    Hello all! Hope all are well. COngrats to all the BFP’s. I’m now CD108 (i know crazy hey!) testing AGAIN Saturday morning!



    sherry…are you taking them with food? Cuz if you take them on an empty stomach or even partially empty…they will make your feel VERY nauseated!

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