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    Angel, a couple of things have to be in place in order for you to be pregnant. Sperm can live for up to 5 days, so you would have to have ovulated between Sunday and today in order to have that egg fertilized. The egg takes on average 7 – 10 days from the moment of fertilization to get to the uterus and implant. After implantation, the pregnancy hormone enters the blood stream. Some women who are VERY sensitive to hormonal changes might sense they may be pregnant. Basically if you feel pregnant and take a test and get a BFN, you are not sensing your pregnancy. You may be sensing that you have oa good combination of hormones in place to help you become pregnant when the egg implants (progesterone especially).


    Becky-wheatman – welcome back! Sending you baby duct!



    what CD are you on tmg?



    bean…I’ll add you…:)



    well i know its all in my head probably but i REALLY feel like i might be getting a new BFP this month. Its only been a few days but i just feel different for the past few days, and if im not pregnant then i am def going to the dr to find out whats wrong with me. But I really have high hopes and im hoping that i dont get disappointed. anyway, I’m going out of town tomorrow for the holidays and i wont be back on for a few so i just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL !!!!!!!



    Sounds promising wannab! ***shake, shake!***


    Sharon- I understand why your husband can’t really head to the US in the spring. But don’t worry things will turn around!



    i know…i am 8dpo? i think so i know its way to early but i couldnt help myself…but now that i seen that BFN im starting to doubt that this is my month 🙁



    well i’m going to buy a test today. Af was due a week and a half ago and i’ve been putting it off. I’m so nervous to buy one. Last month i found my sister is preggo and and the day I found out I got AF which was 2 days late so I was hoping i was preggo needless to say i was pretty upset…. wish me luck! I don’t want to be upset again!



    Midwest, ask the ladies on the trying to conceive after loss forum.



    I am doing ok thank you 🙂 I am on CD23/30, so I am hoping to test in 7 days or so. I am really hoping I can wait as I spent way too much money on tests last month even though it was too early! For me, the reasons that alot of my friends are pregnant is that we are all around the same age, so we are all wanting families at the same time, I completely understand how you feel, its not fair is it? I am not a religious person, so ‘in Gods time’ does not help me (not that I disrespect anyone who does believe in God). I believe in fate though, I believe I will have a baby one day. I hope your believe systems offers you the same comfort (and that its sooner rather than later!) Do you have any symptoms? Rach x



    lawwa- i am on cd3 but i have like 4days to go
    until af leaves



    Thanks Danielle! I know it sounds crazy to ask, but knowing what works for others gives us hope! Now, one more question, any symptoms? xoxo



    wishing- so true



    clayliover – so sorry for your losses. I have also had 2 so please feel free to message me and I shall try to answer questions as best I can, or just post on here. I have found this page to be so helpful and supportive – I don’t know anywhere else that you could talk about your CP and the state of your CM with a group of ladies you have never met in person!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 12,481 through 12,495 (of 131,346 total)

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