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    hello ladies- has anyone had an iud? how long did it take you to get pregnant after getting it out?



    Pretty much anything out of the norm for your body can be considered a sign of pregnancy. Once that hCG gets flowing in your system, it can trigger all sorts of things that don’t normally go on in your normal day-to-day.



    Good morning ladies! Well it is morning here where I am anyways! Di-Smiley/Weegee-yay for O!! I’m still waiting for mine, ugh! I should have O today or tomorrow per my normal schedule but guess things are different this time! I have a bad feeling about this month for me!



    Laura/Cherry: About the Clomid… I took it when I was TTC, I was able to do 3 cycles then I had to take a break from it. It’s because the high levels of horomones can cause ovarian cysts. Your doctor should be doing ultrasounds to check your ovaries when you are on Clomid therapy. It ended up not working for me, what worked for me was a hysterosalpingogram. Ive been fertile mertyl since!



    the bleeding im getting is not ‘flowing’ but only brown on my pad & red on wiping – going from spots to largers amounts on the tp – as i say its kinda of slowing down i think, but the pains are right across my stomach now……like bad bad cramps



    cherry– on cd20 i got what i thought was a positive opk… i just bought a bbt to try tracking it that way



    I wouldnt know how many days past ovulation I am cos I dont know when I ovulate but at the minute I am only feeling slightly bloated and some niggling pains near my bellybutton that is it xxxx



    wow we aren’t very chatty on here today. lol



    The chat is blocked for me at work 🙁



    Joyce…have u tested yet? Sounds good so far, i never get sore bbs unless i am preg but everyone is diff, do u usually get that every cycle? Janet…i would ask ur doc! And maybe this isnt going to be continual? The cycles getting longer that is…i dont know too much about long cycles cuz mine is always dead on unless im preg or have had a loss



    lol sherry!! one hot mama!! xx shez…good luck with ur testing lady! as for me super light spotting..seems to be lessening off now 😀 am uber excited! testing in THREE days! hoping for a bfp then 🙂



    Mugs, that’s awesome. Now I really wish it were next Friday instead of this Friday. Granted it is now going on weekend which flies by. Plus Tuesday is Hubby’s birthday. I’m sure next Friday will be here in no time, right?


    zee.. yes go to the dr . It could be lot’s of different things. Are you in a relationship ?



    morena..i definitly felt ovary pain when i ovulated. i also had an ectopic preg in that tube so im pretty sure i felt the egg pass through. i usually do when i ovulate on my left side. today is cd 24.. and my cycles are usually 27-28. diane- no bfp yet .. im still trying to have some hope.



    mommy2 – i totaly understand the feelings of disappointment at every bfn, sometimes you feel its hard to continue…….i defo think its a good idea to get checked out, jst incase. Also sometimes when ppl stop temping, charting & opking the find they get a BFP jst by relaxing & having fun with the BD etc…….try not to stress (i know its hard) – im sorry you got AF, especially on your birthday 🙁 shes a witch sometimes…………….

Viewing 15 posts - 125,011 through 125,025 (of 131,346 total)

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