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    Hello ladies. After reading your posts I guess I’m not the only one that seems to test all of time. Not sure when you buy yours but I have recently bought some OPKs and EPTs off of Ebay. My latest purchase, 25 OPKs and 5 EPTs for $10.49 and free shipping. I decided that since I seem to test like every day, this would be a less expensive way to support my habit. IF, I ever get a BFP I could then send some of you my extras. Good luck everyone :))))))) Still waiting for a call from the Dr’s office w/ my lab results to see why I’m not conceiving. grrrrrr



    I had my daughter in a hospital and let me tell you it was WONDERFUL lol I couldn’t imagine doing it at home.

    Think about how nervous you are now about TTC well multiply that by 100 once you reach the point of delivery. I wanted to know that she was ok at all times and that doctors would be there in seconds if something went wrong.

    When it comes to pregnancy I tend to be nervous and I like knowing I have a full support team lol.

    I did have pain meds I had an epi I was in labor for 36 hours with a lot of back labor. They gave me a walking epi so I was still able to get up and feel my legs. When it came time to push they turned the epi down so that I wouldn’t feel the pain in full force but I would feel some and have the experience of her passing through.

    I watch this show called ‘house of babies’ and the midwives always have their patients doing water births it looks really exciting and natural but I personally will stick to the bed lol.


    My af will be here on April 4th also. I have a 28 day cycle but I ovulate on the 16th day. But hopefully we wont have our AF for 9 months!!!!


    I’m Rh-positive, sorry



    Whitty – I’ve been taking Vitamin B-6 for a month now and can tell a difference. At first I was asking about Mucinex and things like that, but my ovulation just came later this time. Sorry if tmi, but I think it’s definitely made a difference in cervical mucus for me. I’ll see how the rest of my cycle goes, but I think it’s making a difference in my cycle.



    you graze what does that mean?


    ok im confused, some calendars say my ‘O’ day was yesterday and others today. So I guess if I make sure to BD until tomorrow, I will be safe to start counting DPO tomorrow. I might be a day off, either way I’ll be 1 0r 2 dpo tomorrow, gonna call it 1 so I’m not setting up for disappointment, rather a day late than early in TTC, right?



    morning ladies….sorry to keep u all waiting…..nothing to get excited over im afraid….BFN 🙁 also a major temp drop this morning….why oh why am i so tortured like this!?!? i so thought this was my month but no, AF is on her way im sure…..i just want to be pregnant already, oh well, on to month 6 i suppose….thanks everyone for ur great support and encouragement, u ladies are the best!



    YOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! Well, I just got back from the circus and it was most excellent! Those acrobatic men can twist and turn, it makes you wonder about some things…!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, Mommy I took pictures of my test from this morning and posted them on my profile! I swear, I swear I thought I saw a positive line!!!! (Makes me think of Bugs Bunny!) Let me know if my DH slipped a hypnotic in my water and if my eye’s are playing tricks on me!! BAILEE: YOU ARE PREGNANT, LET ME REPEAT, YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop wigging out on me over there! Anyhoo, I am going to help my DD with her school project. Have a gander at my pictures and let me know what you all think! BTW- my due date would be my anniversary- October 31, 2010- how sweet!!!!!!


    If blessed lives in the central time zone, it’s only 9:47 so we have to give her a few more minutes. I’m hopin and prayin its a bfp for her otherwise I know she’ll be so upset and so will I. I live so vicariously through you guys.



    Nice to see some bfps! Seansmom0808 i have to wait till march 24th till my ultrasound!



    I found a awesome site for inverting HPT’s. It’s Simple and fast. I’m gonna try it once my batteries are charged on my camera so I can take a pic of my test. You should try it out ~katiea~. Good luck!



    thebigtomato!!!!! HAVENT SEEN U IN AGES!!!! How ya been?!?!?!


    tasha…did they do another hcg count last night. If that is well up from your last count, then I would say don’t worry.



    AF FINALLY came this afternoon! I’ve never been so happy to see her!! DH knew what was up when he heard ‘YES!!’ coming from the bathroom! After 51 long days and 12 BFNs I can finally start trying again. It feels so good being on CD1, lol. Now..question..I plan on using OPKs this cycle..the cycle that just ended was 51 days and the one before that was 31 days, when would you suggest I start testing for ovulation with the OPKs? Baby dust for everyone!!! 🙂

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