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    in connection with my message below: besides IVF, what other options are there??



    LOL Crazymomma, it only takes one time, fingers are crossed for you!
    Do you ladies think I should stop drinking coffee while ttc? I have about 2 cups a day, I could cut it down but I love having a morning coffee…but if it really does cut fertility by half I don’t want to chance it….


    The symptoms i have this month that are different are my bbs are sore but different they seem fuller , i have been going to the toilet constantly since about 5dpo and i have had it checked its not a urine infection and for the past 3 days constant heartburn even when i take tum tums its still there a cramps seem to feel different to AF cramps






    I think she said it was scheduled for 8:30am Central, so about an hour from now?


    Morning all – today I’ve woken feeling really sad, all because I’m CD26 now and AF is due 28. I justknow it’s another disappointment and it’s starting to really get me down 🙁



    what’s a hysterosalpingogram?



    DH and I just got into a huge fight. Today is my first day to quit smoking…AND I’ve decided to get off caffiene too. Anyway, DH ‘isn’t ready to quit, yet’. Which is fine but then be mindful and aware it is hard for me. What does he do? Its ok if you smoke one. No, it isn’t. It won’t make it any easier for me to quit AND if it isn’t bad to smoke one now then why wouldn’t it be okay to smoke through the whole pregnancy?! Then he is sneaking around…I’m like what are you doing? He says Trying to be discreet. I’m like just go do it…like you normally would. Anyway, then I got mad bc he just doesn’t understand. And it is so unfair of him to let me suffer it out by myself and then torture me on top of it. Sorry for the rant, ladies. I’m just super frustrated…and I want to smoke! lol I will not allow myslef…and at this point I would kick my own booty! But it is hard! =( I feel out of control and it SUCKS!



    Yeah I am doing the temp thing. I have no idea when or if I am ovulating



    Ducky27- I am taking prenatals and they don’t cause weird dreams for me, but then again I get no sleep,lol.



    Lill – that’s good news! A faint line with colour is a good thing – fingers crossed!



    Hey crazym I know its been ages! How r u? I’m very well thanx, happy that af is gettin outta here so I can try n make me a baby lol



    Janet…maybe since u Oed so late u may have concieved and its holdin AF up! Its possible that u have not had implantation yet and would not get a BFP so soon? Just a theory lol dont know if its right tho



    katiea—- I LOVE that song!!!!!!!!! fits me to the letter. There is something to be said a for mature women with generally functioning ovaries lol my SIL has a red pickup truck with red hot memaw on the front license plate.



    By the way Mugs, if I am (crossing my fingers) then we should be on the same week. I would be 1/2/10, that is if I am. Hope to see you there! Your positive almost makes me want to go out and buy a test. See, that’s how I am waiting. I’m going to wait to buy a test until Thursday afternoon.

Viewing 15 posts - 125,521 through 125,535 (of 131,346 total)

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