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    So after my BFN this morning I went and took a nap and now I feel terrible I am very nauseated and I have a really bad headache.



    i wish i could help with that babydoll, but i have absolutely no idea how hsg would affect getting a bfp….im sure a few ladies on here were talking about hsg’s so im sure someone will give u some advice, failing that ask your doc/ob – goodluck with this cycle 🙂



    good morning ladies…. feelin good today:) i checked my CP…. its way up and soft! so i was wondering if maybe i should try using my opks this week?



    i just checked and TMI eww but i used my finger and it was super thick and very sticky cm..and today my temp dipped-i hope its implantation?!



    So, what do you all think. I tested this morning and got a negative. This afternoon I started to get awful cramps. I am 11DPO. It’s on my right side and feels like menstral cramps except I usually don’t get them. Well at least not this bad. I’m wondering if this is a good sign or a bad one. I’ve felt nauseous for about a week but it could be chopped up to nerves. My period isn’t due until Saturday?


    Gosh I worried that my functional cyst hasn’t gotten smaller. I think my OB will only put me on clomid if it looks smaller . I just want Sunday to come so I can get the whole ultrasound thing over with!!



    Thanks Bri…I think I may just wait until Wednesday. AF is due then (or Thursday).



    Well I have discarded of the test no point in just looking at it is there x just gonna try and put it out of my mind until friday eeek gonna be a long week x



    Holy cow you guys, I am trying to catch up from earlier this afternoon and have to go pages back. We are a chatty group! Told hubbie tonight and he is super excited so good news there. Hope all is well!


    jjs my SIL had her IUD out in April-she conceived in june! She had it in for one year



    Hi to all who got there BFP. Congratz hope everything goes well for u all, and to eveyry1else who is waitin 2 test good luck xox



    Yeah it’s winter here but it never gets too cold. Ive never even seen snow! Lol it’s usually 18-22 degrees in winter and usually 30-36 degrees in summer 🙂 do u know where Abouts in Perth your friend lives? I’m about 45 south of Perth.



    Thanks Tink!!! ***roll, roll, rolling in the dust***


    aimee- sounds like you got your BFP YAY!!! Good night ladies im off to bed!! hope there is more BFP’S when i wake 🙂 baby dust to u all..

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