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    brie – that sounds very promising. Keep us posted!! Crossing my fingers for you that that line gets darker. How many dpo are you?



    yeah been having trouble sleeping lately, the heat has been terrible



    Wow Elmera, 6 kids and wanting more? You must be superwoman! Good luck woith ttc.



    Hey ok Ive seen this, it really does look awesome..especially the black label which ties up ur feet so they stay in mid air LOL actually these kinda remind of my memory foam pillow. My DH would definitely luv if I got this. Btw, I have not BD in about 1 week. He is going absolutely crazy. He says I only want to when I know I might be O’ing otherwise I neglect him lol



    Loopy- with a positive opk you can usually expect your egg to be released about 24-48 hours after. Sounds like you are getting all the right body signals as well. Start BDing 😉 Looks like you are now on your way to the dreaded but exciting 2ww! GoodLuck!



    Duffy- Thanks! Thats what I figured was just checking! :0) Today I went to wipe and had like 2 specs of blood it was a little weird but nothing else so I guess I’ll shrug it off :0P Too early for anything one way or the other! :0P



    hello ladies,
    question for you all..
    My last AF was October 24-27. Now, my AF’s are usually quite regular, but this month a little screwy, so i based my ovulation dates on 28,29, and 30 day cylces to make sure i don’t miss it, which makes my most fertile days, this saturday, sunday and monday. We did the BD on Monday and yesterday. I’m new to this whole TTC thing, and not sure about what does are the best for BD to make sure i dont miss it! thanks ladies 🙂



    Since this is my first month using OPKs, I might be throwing out some questions if you ladies don’t mind. I’m working with two fertility calendars that conflict due to my crazy cycle.. . So I have a huge ‘fertile window’… from June 2nd thru June 10th. I’m thinking about starting to use my OPKs on Monday, June 30th – this will be CD10 for me. I’m wondering if that’s too soon to start? I’m anxious, as this is my first month using them! Also, how often should I poas? Should I try one in the morning and one in the evening? Or is one per day sufficient?



    Well ladies its been 6 days since my d&c and I am excited to say I ovulated pretty much dead on where I normally ovulated so just holding out for af and then back to TTC. Funny how the body works though because I was reading that it takes some ppl quite a while for there bodies to go back to normal but mine has just amazed me to the stage where I have hope in my body again. Funny how things change LOL!!


    rylans…how are you? long time no see



    BFP! BFP! Today is 13 DPO and AF is due tomorrow. My temp this morning was still up, so I sucked it up and did a HPT with an Internet test strip!!! The tested 3 times and they all have a faint positive. Super excited!!!



    mom22to2boys – The second line has to be darker then the control line, if it’s lighter it means your about to ovulate or you have already ovulate. After ovulation you have 24-36 hours to fertilize an egg, it might be possible your body is releasing more then one egg, that might be why you’re getting a longer positive.



    Missyv28 have you taken a test?



    Ya I really dont want to get OPKs, I figure with the saliva thing a ma jig I can just keep re-using it so its not a waste u know.



    I got a positive with the walmart brand and answer brand ones before I got a better one on the internet 10mil ones.

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