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    Hey, haven’t been on here for a few days due to work, I had a 12 hour shift on Tues which was a shock to the system, its been a while since I’ve done one as i only work 16hrs a week usually…. Anywho, I’m 9dpo, I haven’t had any suspicious pg symptoms so will just wait for AF to arrive, due in 10 days, not going to do a hpt early as i think it will be a waste, will only do one if AF is late….. I’ve missed so much I imagine, but just to say welcome to all the newbees, Congrats on any bfps, and boooo to any afs and bfns….



    Trying4: I hear ya! It can get rough indeed. laughter helps TONS! I look forward to your next OPK update – if this in not your BFP, maybe this is a rogue egg that will lead to a BFP in 14 days 😉



    i am so lost with this lunar stuff.. although GREAT instructions krisseih. now that i have my moon phase and i go to the calendar is that when i am supposed to o?



    Best of luck happyforest



    hello girlies,well as of today im on Cd 13 : ) We havent bd’d in 3 days because we’ve been so busy,that might be a good thing ?? His swimmer’s might be nice & strong,hehehehe ! Wish me luck ladies…. Good luck to you all & lets keep the BFP’s coming !!!! : D x o


    nicole could be implantation spotting?



    dmmarine- my Dr has already done the bloodwork for me to go on clomid as soon as I get the all clear. That is the annoying thing, all my bloodwork is fine, but my ovaries are riddled with cysts, 27 on one and 30 on the other. I have lost some weight approx 13 kg’s in 3 mths(I’m back in the healthy BMI range). It is nice to be skinny again coming into summer, especially after having two kids. So I’m physically at my best for conceiving when I get the all clear.



    tomorrow is 8 dpo yay! i have a week left i hope its my month but ya never know. i’ma get the soy….my dh wants to try the fertile aid pills for both of us but i dunno what to do. what do u ladies think?



    Hi ladies, I’m on cd 36 today. I tested laste week Thursday and got a BFN. AF was supposed to show last Friday/Saturday already but still nothing. I don’t know what to do. I’m sort of too scared to test again and get a BFN again. But what if the BFN turned into a BFP??



    grrrrrrrrrr I am soooooooo annnooooyyyyeedd

    been spotting all day and now I have just had a light bleed gggrrrrrr why can’t she leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am kinda over it! first a 34day AF, then a 2 week back and she’s back again grrrrrr



    Sorry for you CKAR hope your day gets better when is AF due?



    ArcticArlz – i’m going to get a bath then go 2 bed…test day tomorrow. I’m sure i am deffinately pregnant but it showed up neg 3 days ago…those early predictor tests are so pants. Hopefully talk soon!
    good night honey baby dust to you x



    dmmarinewife// you don’t have to see implantation bleeding. Often times you won’t. //Yes frenchie// i sometimes do the same thing to myself…though it has come to be true half the time.



    …I mean tracking up the coastline, then swooping up to the northeast like hurricanes that make it as far up our way sometimes do. Hope it’s not as bad as that one from a few years back!


    Camen- hahahaha I know lol. CD5, has ur AF left the building yet? I want to get on and BD as this month I feel I actually I have a chance this month. After ten months hahaha. When do u normally O???

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