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    LOL, glad we could cheer you up. It’s still a little early for you to be testing. Save your money and wait until you miss AF. I know, I know, easier said then done, I love to POAS too. Ha-ha, I got so excited to see two beautiful lines on my OPK…kind of sickening to think that POAS can make one so excited ;0)



    2 days past AF’s visit, still isn’t here and still getting a BFN on tests… I have been pregnant before, and I 100% feel pregnant… wish the test would give me a different answer or AF would show up just to kill the aniexty!



    af is 6 days late!! i tested yesterday and still bfn ;( af has never been this late maybe 1 or 2 days at the most.. ???



    felt a bit crampy on my lower left back today when I was swimming…maybe AF is coming early, shes not due until the start of next week…….if she doesnt show by Monday im gonna take a test then, congrats jamie x



    hi how are u?? no one is on here today whats going on



    Xuxa – I had a positive OPK on CD 13 and then all day they were SUPER positive on CD 14. I am CD 15 today and now they’re negative. So I’m either ovulating today or tomorrow. 2 ww here I come! 🙂



    Ladies like i said earlier i’m new to this ttc business. It was our 1st month of trying i was due to O on friday and did opk tests Mon through to Sat 2 a day some days. They were all neg anyone out there have the same thing, i’m wondering if the tests are dud ones as they were a job lot off e bay. Eeek just hope i’m not having a longer cycle this month and i missed it. We did plenty of BD last week mind.



    Peaches and Sherry…first I’ll address Peaches…never ever feel guilty, we are all here to support hardships and celebrate successes and everything else in between…it was your time and what wonderful news for you!
    Sherry…it is so true. There are so many out there who are very judgmental about families who try every little thing to get pregnant, and the ones who judge, are the ones who have never had a problem getting pregnant, so they can’t even begin to understand. I don’t in all honesty even know what my fertility is like…I was married for 10 years, and got pregnant once, which resulted in a m/c…we never tried to ‘prevent’ pregnancy and I only had that one! Fast forward to my current hubby and we have been together for 4 years and had a m/c when we first got together then SURPRISE, last year we got pregnant and it took. Again, we weren’t trying to prevent pregnancy, but I wasn’t expecting it either…so who knows what this journey of TTC is going to show me. What I do know is…I really want this to happen. I don’t know what I am prepared to do if it turns out that I am reproductively challenged, but in the grand scheme of things…it is nobody’s damn business! So…HIGH FIVES for your rant…things like that need to be said!



    that’s fantastic, I like to see people pg who deserve it. I am so sick of hearing about another couple or teenagers get pregnant and say that they weren’t even trying.



    Cd5- practically done with af, just spotting. So I decided to take my first bbt this morning 🙂 98.14! I am very excited to start temping and really see what’s going on with my body. Baby dust to ttc girlies and congrats to the bfps!



    Its 730am here



    Nikki- sorry to hear the bleeding picked up! I hope the next few months go fast for you!!! *hug*



    Hey Ladies,, CD 14 I Got A High fertility on my monitor today woow am so happy will BD TONIGHT.. so my Peak day might be on valentines day i hope so 😀
    wish me luck xxx



    hee hee… Sherry said hump 😉 Signs are looking good for you! I hope this weekend gives you the BFP you’ve been waiting for!


    AF is beginning to show so I am on to month 3 of ttc. So much for fertility friend saying that your temp will drop when AF is due to arrive. Mine was still high this morning.

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