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    To anyone: I bought the First Response Early tests last night. It came with a fertility test that you are supposed to use first thing in the morning on CD3 and not read the results for 30 minutes. It’s supposed to tell you if there is a depletion in your egg count, i.e., are you fertile. Anyone else use this or know if it’s accurate?


    rylansmommy…I’m soooo excited for you. It’s sounds like things are moving along right where they’re supposed to be. Keep us updated!!!!



    LOL waiting- I hope you did too since that is ALOT of bding! I have been reading another website and it gave me a new thing to try. It is called Sperm Meets Egg Plan! If you google it you can find out about. If you can’t find it and want to know just hit me up and I can give you info. It has a high success rate from what I read. I will just about try anything these days. LOL



    lol you must have! that nasty creature! we’ll get to the bottom of this though! I am sure it will end with a battle , someone wearing red being sacrificed and the captain ripping their shirt off for good measure! lol



    Right ladies….need someones help/advice! I’m on CD6, AF this month only lasted 2/3 days. I tested with cheapy OPK and it was nearly positive, so used one of my clearblue digi ones and i got a smiley face. Cant work it out, my cycles are nearly always 28 days. Is it really possible to Ovulate this early? I’m going to test again in a min, as its been four hours since i last tested.


    Retrieval was awful-yet worth it…….It hurt soo bad, we managed to retrieve 16 eggs today, and will find ot tomorrow morning how many fertilized with DH sperm…………



    @ mama2carol no neva use anythin like that


    i have wedding pics on my profile if you wanna check out the dress


    Congrats Dee!!!



    sorry you are sick beckybear! I will send my DH right over he is an OCD demon! 😉 hope you feel better soon!



    So my period is a week late and I got a BFN??? wonder what is going on??



    ***crashes into the room covered head to toe in flour and squidgy blotches of sugary butter, hand out cookies to everyone and then lays on the floor moaning*** hello everybody!



    mommy2aidan- You could be pregnant! Severe cramping was an early pregnancy symptom for me. I thought Af was on her way for sure, but she didn’t and I got my BFP. Good luck, when are you testing?


    mommymachine-ahhh how exciting!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Ugh, so confused! I’ve been crampy since Sunday and sorry if TMI I’m sensitive down there during bd! What is going on??

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