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    Well, I don’t really know what to think. I’ve taken 3 more tests and all show nothing within the reaction time, but a faint, barely there line shows up anywhere from 30-45 minutes later. I mean, seriously barely there, like I have to be in really bright light and still squint to see it. I took one this morning with FMU and same deal, but I’m only 10DPO this morning. I’m wondering if they’re just evaporation lines and I never noticed them before because I tested yesterday in my downstairs bathroom, which is lit brighter than my usual testing bathroom. I really have to strain my eyes to even see the line, which is why I’m thinking it’s evaporation lines. BUT, evaporation lines on 4 different tests? Maybe I’m holding it in my pee too long? I count 5 seconds, but I’m not actually timing it so who knows how close to 5 seconds I really am? Food for thought… I guess I need to just wait until the 3rd to test like I originally was going to. I don’t know WHY I decided randomly to test yesterday and now I’m driving myself insane!



    I shoulod have started my period yesterday…

    I am so nervous/excited about taking a preg. test…

    I have shown no syptoms of anything though except, a loss of appetite, nasuaus around lunch, and burping? lol is burping mean anything? lol.. i don’t know where the burping is coming from.



    Ok. Just added the photo to my profile. Can hardly see it in the photo.


    Morning all! Like clockwork AF is here for me today 🙁 I’m sad, but NOT DEFEATED!! Here’s to another month 🙂



    Me too! That would be fab!



    Well we BD’d may 2nd .. The only time we did it during my ovulation window .. Tested the 12th – BFN .. Thanks girls for the congrats!! Hope my baby dust rubs off onto you! *shake shake shake*



    thanks cherry! i guess i will go wake up the hubby soon i just think im stressin too much about the ttc its making me lose my sex drive



    Congratulations Happymama!!!



    Allison- I am not going by symptoms anymore- last week when I thought I was still pg, I had friends over for dinner..and since morning had felt nauseous. It got so bad, that I ended up throwing up right after dinner, which I ddint even eat.\ I was so embarassed they could hear me from the bathroom LOL but I swear I could have sworn I was preggers, the wya I felt. Not to say ur symptoms are not the real deal though!



    My test – take a look



    Hello ladies i havnt been on here in a while….my DH and i have still been TTC lately and just the past few days ive had really bad nausea, back pain, fatigue, dizziness when i stand up, small headaches every now and then, yesterday and the day b4 i had a huge increase in CM so hubby and i BD’d but i dont k now if im already pregnant or not what do you ladies think? do you think i could be pregnant…my DH wants me to take a HPT but i always get really down when i take a test and get a BFN so im kinda not wanting to…


    Sooo I took a preggo test last night…it was a BFN…technically I am not supposed to test for 2 more days and AF is due to start on Sunday but starting yesterday I’ve been feeling nauseas and a few other symptoms and it just won’t go away, I feel like I should make myself throw up or something…its weird, I have yet to be sick though. I am hoping that my levels just weren’t high enough and if I wait until AF is due to arrive that I will have a BFP. Have any of you had a similar story and got a BFP? I am praying and praying and keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


    I think I might have O’d a day early. After the eggy starts making it’s way dawn, the follicle it was in starts releasing progesterone which is what gives you some of those symptoms. Well anyway, yesterday while I was at work, out of the blue my nips started hurting. So at least I know my body is trying to work right whether it happened or not this month.


    Can you help please. My last af was due 25th and it came 29th the last two days I have had a lot of CM is this ovulation?? I haven’t had any pain or anything. We have been BD an trying to lie down for as long as possible but how long is enough?? :-s



    ***withdrawal symptoms for peeing on sticks is kickin in!!*** lol

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