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    THank you, yes not far away at all! Do keep me posted, we need more pg ladies to join us in the pregnancy forums !



    Woah Clayli – hope the twisters stay up in the sky and don’t bother touching down!



    ducky- I know! The waiting! lol I have googled so many things pregnancy related today…wow! My brain just won’t stop! I did find out that IF the egg was fertilized it would now be considered a blastocyt, tomorrow it would ‘hatch’, and days 8-9 it would burrow in the uterus lining. And then it would take another 3 days for hCG to make it into the urine. I also found out the later implantation occurs the higher likelihood of miscarriage. Very interesting. And I read about this man that had (naturally) 4 sets of quads, seven sets of triplets, and something like 16 sets of twins! That was just with his first wife! All in all I think he had 89 kids or something! Incredible!



    Ladybug – I posted to your page ; )


    Ducky27 “one cup during pregnancy is fine so one while TTC should be fine too!


    sarah- i have pretty much the same symptoms as you. My bbs feels sore and full sometimes tingly like, crampy since O, headaches everyday.


    so much talk of smoke BRB girls (t minus 1 hr til next test)



    1/2 hour…



    Hi ladies, I joined this site when I was pregnant with DD last year, I was back in the TTC forum a few months ago but it totally drove me crazy its all I thought about so we decided to take a break from it, we started again this month but just casually ( no purely just to make a baby sex and then lie with your legs in the air aftewards) im feeling a lot more relaxed now, 6DPO af due tues any cycle buddies?



    According to google:A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray test that examines the inside of uterus and fallopian tubes and the surrounding area.



    baby7 i defo think ur right – iv jst had to take 2 pain killers cos its so bad! i could hardly eat my dinner…….hopefully these will help……i dont even think I Od last month based on this cycle!!!! i hope it means that theres a good chance for us this month tho, we bd’d this morning before i got these pains thankfully so if im feeling ok tomorrow then we’ll bd then too, i think im Oing right now!



    Ladies I’m very sad. I was due to ovulate on the 27th or the 28th of march although I didn’t use an OPK so I don’t know for sure. Hubby and I BD every day for the first 28 days of my 37 day cycle. I just started spotting light brown and a little light pink a little while ago. I’m 4 days early. No cramping no nothing. I really was hoping this was my month! 🙁



    prenatals, no prenatals, pregnant, not pregnant…doesn’t matter for me…I always have vivid dreams…LOL



    Mamacas! Dirty crooks! Holidays always bring out the scum it seems… they’ll get what’s coming to ’em!



    oh no I wore my DH out he cant do the baby dance I am so stressed right now xxx what if I ovulate today????

Viewing 15 posts - 126,031 through 126,045 (of 131,346 total)

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