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    Im having so much anxiety. I took another test and it seemed lighter than the first. I know there is nothing I can do til tomorrow morning when i get my second set of blood work. I just keep tryong to tell myself that my period still isnt due til friday, and everything is super early. That’s all I can do, right?



    Miss – Today should be fine, it’s been a few days since the light line, so by now you should see it darkening.



    2girlz, will try & hold on til 14dpo as well then & aim for testing on 24th…. MOMIIB, if I cave before then could be testing with you around 22nd if you haven’t already got your BFP by then! Mandy irish, all my friends are reading that book, think I’m the only one that doesn’t have a copy! My mum told me the other day that she is reading it so will borrow hers when she’s done! Good luck LKDream, weezuz, akilah & anyone else testing soon!



    Thanks Diane, I’m still doing the OPKs but I’ve never gotten a positive one. I’ll just keep on like I haven’t ovulated yet because I’m not sure if I even did.



    Against our better judgement we had sex yesterday (not for a long time) and now I’m worried if he might have damaged or something. I had a m/c on the 19th. I have a doctor appt in the morning. Now I’m extremely nervous about what the doctor is going to say because we had sex yesterday. How long are you suppose to wait before you can have sex again?



    Grr, he can blame the other car, but he should not have been on the road. He or his gf could have been killed. Maybe this will teach him a lesson. I was driving home last night after babysitting my niece and nephew – I was on the highway behind a driver who was obviously drunk at 3am. They were weaving and turning their high beams on and off, then they turned their lights off all together, so just the daytime running lights were on… I called the cops on his drunk arse!



    ok im getting impatient now haha im 17 dpo no AF i wanna test but to scared of getting a BFN again hmmm



    Articarlz – I’m with you completely, i’m just saying from the dr.’s standpoint that’s what I was told but for me until i have a baby in my hands it doesn’t count.


    LADIES!!!!i have a test sitting right here and i have been trying to hold off till saturday(which is when my AF is due)WOULD IT BE TO EARLY TO TEST? CD 28 MY AF IS DUE SATURDAY THE 1ST….SHOULD I WAIT??UGHHHH waiting sucks…GOOD LUCK LADIES



    Ok sorry, I have the correct pic posted now. Does anyone think it looks like implantation?


    Trulyblessed – good luck to you too! I really hope this is it for us! I’m honestly hoping they will do a pee in the cup test and confirm pregnancy before even havin to take blood! Haha, really trying not to get my hopes up. Let us know how it goes!



    I agree with coco, we have a very low chance of conceive on our own which is upseting for us, I was told at 17 I couldn’t have anymore kids, we didn’t plan for our first and we thank god every day that we have her becoz she was a miracle. I was presured into abortion with her and I never even thought once about it, you sound like ur thinking about it. There are so many women who would kill to be pregnant and have a healthy baby.



    Ali- my symptoms are and started CD 17, I was nauseous a little, I gaged on some ham, and I love ham! Then i have been cramping, sensative to smells and moody off and on, like one day I will be moody the next I will be cramping. Sensitivity to smells hasnt gone away. Now tonight I I became nauseous to seafood and I couldn’t eat the stuff. Testing I think I will wait till Friday or Sunday. Monday is when af shows. Unless my cycle this is 24 days then it will show on the 4 of oct. pretty cool stuff!



    thanks Diane-taketwo that give me more hope maybe i will test today



    DH and I have just had a huge fight 🙁 he says financially we r not ready for baby no 2 adn i said we will be fine. my DS will be 2 next month so will be an almost 3 year gap which will be fine. he has very maturely decided to lock himself in the bathroom argh

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