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    Well nighty night Girls! It’s midnight. That means sleepy time for this mama!



    jessica – yeah i stopped at the store on the way home and got some goodies to try and change his mind lol. no ive never tried to change my cervical position. can it really help?


    Man for the past 2 days I’ve gotten this tingle randomly throughout the day. Pretty much like let down feeling when breast feeding. Anyone else experience this?



    I want to try to baby dance ever other day from the 23rd thru the 31st but will be traveling that whole day so maybe the 24th thru the 30th will work out better. Or maybe even thru the 3rd or 5th of November. Let me know what you all think.


    coco–how many DPO are you?



    Me too, but that’s why I’d cook them! ;0) haha I don’t often bake or anything because wow man would I be in a mess of trouble if I did! haha. Maybe once Noelle’s a little older and if she ever gets a sibling (come on bfp) then I can start making that kind of stuff because then at least I’d have a DH and children to help me out! haha



    Thanks Braylons Mommy!! Am I supposed to be testing with the OPK’s numerous times a day???! BabyKnight – why do you think you are out of the running? Is it harder to conceive with a shorter luteal phase? Did you BD the past couple of days??



    i just want to bf my son as long as i can so i was just checking. i feel so crazy for ttc already when my son is only 4 months but i really feel i want them close in age plus as long as it took to get my son i can only imagine how long it will take this time. do you guys think its crazy to be ttc so soon??



    I tested this morning with fmu 12 dpo with a 10miu test and BFN 🙁 surely if I was it would have shown up on that as its more sensitive than frer 🙁 just got to wait for af now good luck to all the other ladies testing today xxx



    Morning, cd 28 10dpo, BFN 🙁 HAHA but I did get a small temp rise. Iv added my new chart. I also had another dream last night but this time I was testing and could never get an answer cause the dye kept running :s . Haha now I gotta catch up on what’s been going on.


    Baby: I was the same as for end of the year. My Bday is Dec and I’ll be 30. I had always thought I’d have a really big family and would be almost done by 30. I guess things will just be dif. than I planned :s My daughter will be 1 in April so she could easily ween but I really enjoy nursing her and don’t really like the idea of stopping yet. I don’t think she would either really 😉 Anyways, it’ll happen soonish I think/hope 😀



    And for me, that was the BEST part of finding out D’s gender at 18 weeks was that I could call him ‘HE’ instead of ‘it’ and I could call him by his name!



    Has anyone ever bought Walmart’s (Equate)brand OPK’s? I went ahead and bought a box yesterday because I wanted to get started testing quickly rather than waiting til I ordered any online. If so…are those just as accurate? Not too familiar at all with all the different OPK’s out there. Any feedback on the tests would be great. Txs!



    LC, texas. yeah…not many people get the sarcasm…im BAD about that…



    Racho – I can completely relate to money issues and other expenses!! Right now I am in debt from student loans and to top it off we have a line of credit AND a credit card that is maxed. On top of tht our mortgage and bills, 3 dogs and 3 cats to feed…so because of that AND the fact that I just don’t wanna constantly think about what my fertile days are and timing out BD, we have been going with the flow this month. Don’t much care anymore!!!

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