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    zoehow~If it is a concern to you…you could call your Dr. and have them get a kit for you to test DH’s sperm. At least then it would put your mind at ease.



    Unsure if I should count yesterday as CD1 it’s a bit more than spotting now, but not really AF?? So I might just wait and see. So I may be back to the drawing board again, BUMMER!!!


    Ladies i was just wondering, so any cartoons bother you that your kids watch??? I absolutly cannot stand Max and Ruby!! Where are their parents and why is ruby so mean and controlling??????? I was looking up some cartoons and i guess a lot of moms don’t let their kids watch Caillou cause hes a brat and whines to much?? What the heck lol its real events that can happen i am always mad when i see dora and diego showing the kids its ok walk up to dangerous animals!!! UGH lol strange vent!



    lol Becky! I think I am suffering hip dislocation from so much BD – CD 42 here 😉



    okay, so before I even ask this question let me state that I know I am not pregnant and I do not think this is a pregnancy symptom. I have been pregnant before tho, so I know what it feels like when a baby kicks. I have movement in my stomache that feels like a baby kicking. it is soo weird! not painful or anything but should I be worried about this and am I going NUTS? lol



    hi all u mommies and mommy to be’s………i am on day 20 off my cycle and we are only just ttc so i think this month is out:( i reckon next month will be our lucky month. Baby dust out there for everyone else though


    I saw a post on someone else’s page from Sherry. I think she had a m/c.


    How are you today cleo?



    xweegee – your story sounds vry similar to mine, Haven’t been really using any contraception since DD was born (16 months ago) but was BFing for a year.


    Good morning ladies


    crazyfor~ i have a couple of my fav from our engagement shots on my profile but i’ll totally be putting as many as i can up of the wedding


    Janet the best time is midday but i would take one incase u do miss your surge for this month



    *sniffle * sniffle* …BFN yesterday?! I am still feeling VERY pregnant though?! No AF yet… I don’t get it?? I guess I will wait it out & test again in another day or two if AF still isn’t here? ~SIGH~



    Ugh thats annoying! From now on id keep travel packs of kleenex around in case of a reapeat of this little disaster lol



    Only- still no AF? Fingers crossed she stays away!!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 126,526 through 126,540 (of 131,346 total)

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