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    Hiya Happy 🙂


    Monst~ what does wanting a girl have to do with BDing tonight?? LOL is there so myth to that?



    lovemyfamily – my cycle is usually 36-38 days long I am now on CD 46! lol tested on Monday with BFN – so either I am missing my period for other reasons or I Ovulated rather late.



    hopefully i ‘ll be there soon.



    yeah i hope so. its already almost 76F degrees outside so im guessing its gonna be bad.



    # Vassiliev (Russia) 4 sets quads, 7 sets triplets, 16 sets twins from 1725-1765 with 1st wife. Only 2 died. 6 sets of twins and 2 sets of triplets with 2nd wife. 83 of 87 were living at the time they were presented to the government. There is substantial proof verifying this family. The father was 75 in 1782 when it was reported in the Saint Petersburg Panorama. I also saw reference to the Scheinberg (Germany) 4 sets of quadruplets, 7 sets of triplets, 16 sets of twins with his first wife, two sets of triplets with second wife. 87 children total. This was reported in an Idaho newspaper in 1925. I am unsure if they are the same family, but suspect they are. Feodor Vassiliev was from Shuya, Russia. This is from:



    Kristy, I’m confused, if you are seven days late, then you should be 5 weeks pregnant, not three as your profile page indicates. Did you have a short cycle? Just wondering as I’m trying to figure out when you might want to test again… at this point being a week late, why not just get blood work done so you can check your actual hCG levels… you are getting positives on the more sensitive tests, so I would not go on wasting more money on them at the moment. Assume at this point you are pregnant and should be seeing a doctor to set up blood work, a follow-up schedule for visits and ultrasounds. As for digital tests, the test strip will almost always show up with two lines, pregnant or not (you can read more about that on ‘mystery of the digital test’).



    Thanks! It sounds so selfish but I love my coffee lol I think I could handle not drinking it when prego but since I don’t know how long ttc will take I don’t want to give it up just yet haha..maybe I will do half decaf half regular!



    11 dpo and no test yet? man u have willpower!!!



    Yeah, me too!! BRB!!



    Thanks lil, n yes i had loose BMs when preg wit DD….n cleos u/s was at 830am her time n she lives in texas so i dont kno what time that would be for u but im sure she will let us kno how it went!



    @ dawn2820- Awwww hun i really do hope you wrong & wretchered AF decides to stay away. My fingers & toes are crossed for you !! Have you had any pregnancy symptoms at all……



    Its a special type of xray that they use to check your fallopian tubes for blockages. They put a catheter in your uterus (not painful at all!) and inject dye into the uterus. While they do this they watch on a live xray. Th fluid should go up and flow out of the tubes into the body cavity. If it doesn’t a blockage should be able to be seen. But..just HAVING the test done can clear out a blockage. My dr told me that 60% of women that have it done become pregnant soon after. 6 months after I had it done (no blockages were seen) I got pregnant after trying for 4 years. And although Ive had addtl problems carrying a pregnancy, Ive been pregnant 3 times in the past year and a half!!



    monsta – i too know how hard it is to quit & my dh is still smoking, although hes cut down loads! iv stopped for about 9 or 10 weeks now, it gets easier as time goes on…have u tried using patches or gum or anythin? i used patches & they really helped with my cravings at first, i now no longer use patches & only think about smokin wen im havin a glass of wine or 2….honestly u can do this hun, but id maybe do 1 at a time, wots the lesser of 2 evils, i would say caffiene, so maybe still have the odd cup of coffee & cut that down gradually & jst stay off the fags altogether…goodluck hun!



    Butr. It might not be anything. It could be implantation bleeding. Don’t loose hope till af shows up for sure

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