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    Luv- I bought the Target brand and had no problem with them.



    I feel OLD 🙁 everyone on here is so young!



    yep, I graduated college last May so finally got the job I have been dreaming of. Though I didnt choose it based on money. LOL But I have a car loan to pay every month, my student loans, our reg bills and exspenses, the kids’ insurance, plus now the hospital bill from Alexis’ stay..not to mention the meds she now has to take 3x’s a day. Now is NOT a good time at all…and if I am it will all be my fault 🙁 We tried for months with nothing and it took a year to conceive our youngest so maybe it didnt take. Though, I am concerend it did because of timing and stress.



    Good afternoon ladies! Looks like lts of BDing ready to go on with the +opks!!! Im at CD21 I think and I am itching to poas- 2 more days till I do!!!



    Had my levels drawn this morning and they are running them stat. I will let you ladies know what they say.



    Want2bMOM- Wow thats great! I have fingers and toes crossed for you, I cannot imagine what it must feel like. ((HUGS)



    Really really really bored of waiting this tww is taking what seems like 4eva :/



    lol, i am sad! The longest I have bene off here is about an hour when I had a nap. So it’s saturday for you?


    That is such awesome news Tara!!! 🙂 Congrats. I’m really happy for you 🙂 Quick question, can u O without EWCM?



    Hmm… my son woke from his nap maybe 5 minutes ago and is up talking to his bears… I just hear him over the monitor saying ‘Mmmm… yummm… cookies!’ The thing is I know there are no cookies up there, so this makes me wonder what he may be eating. I suspect his sock. If this is the case, we need to discuss the difference between ‘yumm’ and ‘YUCK!’… must go check. 😉



    congrats kitty!



    hi all the lovely ladies out there….I just joined the website but been a regular for past month and a half reading this forum and I must say i have learned a lot….currently 5dpo based on online calendars… I want to try for real starting next cycle…. what do you ladies suggest to use as an O predictor? what works best? we r trying for our 1st baby…im 28
    baby dust to all….i really wanna have a Feb baby….



    As for me, the Provera is kicking my butt. I had awful cramps while I was on it, and now I’m having cramps and severe nausea. Right now I have a cold water bottle on my stomach and a hot pad under my back. Blah. At least the flow isn’t very heavy, and it even appears to be leaving/turning brown. Hopefully this will be over soon and I never have to do this again!!



    Goodluck lc, hope you o tonight or tomorrow. And thanks, effing so angry n upset 2nd dog in a month not a good feeling we do everything right we care for them and love them and they get taken away.



    morgana83 and braylons mommy I’m So very Happy for the two of you. May you tow have a healthy 9 months and fun sharing with each other in the weeklies

Viewing 15 posts - 126,826 through 126,840 (of 131,346 total)

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