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    She’s 16 months. Crazy child keeps me on my toes.



    had spotting on cd 17. I think this was implantation bleeding..Ovulated cd10 I think now on cd21 now 11ish dpo but still testing neg imma wait a few more days csuse I know horomones could be to low I just figured it would be high enough now if I was I’m stsrting to feel dissapointed but I need to try and stay positive. ..



    Cherry – No, conceived on our 2nd IUI.



    Smith is your BFP getting any darker?? I would think 12 days past the HCG injection would be plenty of time for it to be out of your system, but I understand that you would be a bit weary!! I hope this is really it! I just read your blogs and you guys sure deserve it! If I were you, I would see if you could get in today or tomorrow to have your HCG levels checked, then you could know for sure! You can go to your GP or your OB/GYN. Either one would draw it for you!



    Yay damnkat!!! Get BD. Thanks Too many for the information! Bean – I always thought implanation was brown so that sounds good. I hope your get your BFP soon.


    Heya ladies I’m new to ttc and this forum, need ur help please. my af was one week 3days late, did a hpt and got a pink Bfp, started spotting friday afternoon and Dh took me to Er, urine test was done and bfn but bleeding still continue waiting till monday to see my gp for blood test. need ur help please



    I’m cd7-8, I had some spotting today, I also only had a 3-4 day period. Spotting on day 4. Is it possible to O this early?



    Good luck Amanda!



    Bex- Yeah I totally agree it’s not enough, its never enough! So annoying that we have no space in prisons and the courts are given targets etc. Shouldn’t be like that. Right I am going to P-O-A-O-P-K!



    @terriann I hear ya. I’m not sure How I live through the tww with pulling my hair out (hehehe I can not pull dh out he shaves his off)



    @ Anna there is a forum called TTC After Loss on here, I’m not trying to get rid of you but they might be better placed to answer your question about your bleeding and whether its normal or not. Good luck and hope you get the answers your looking for.



    Mom from Canada yes u can, congrats Tara h & h 9 months xxx



    Hmm! I stand corrected! It was the bow on his teddy bear! I just discovered some Halloween chocolate on said bear. Bear is now in the wash… son is sad that chocolate stained bear will no longer be yummy!



    My sister got her BFP today… I got a BFN… Still holding out hope…


    LC- I dont talk to my half sister. I heard all this from my dad who got the info from his other daughter(I have to half sister). And the other sister has been trying for YEARS with still no luck. I have 4 sisters and 3 of them are now pregnant. Its had. My 2 nieces that were taking from my sister are now living with THEIR father who…. Well my sister left him becuase he was abusing her. Soo I dont like that they are with their father. It breaks my heart too. I mean yea we have been trying for what seems like forever, but my biggest thing is that there are people on this site who can’t have ONE. And people like my sister is pregnant now. It just makes me cry. Y can’t the people who want kids and deserve kids have them? I’ll never understand

Viewing 15 posts - 127,336 through 127,350 (of 131,346 total)

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