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    TMI question: I am approximately 8 or 9 dpo (I think) and i just had some discharge that looked alot like when i lost my mucus plug. can this mean anything?



    I TOTALLY agree with everyone here. This is my 2nd month of TTC and it’s making go crazy! With my first, we weren’t trying at all and got pregnant the first and only time we had unprotected BDing. I don’t remember get any symptoms until about 8 weeks. But sure enough, now that I am TTC this time around, I keep being like ‘wait..whats that? did my BB hurt just a twinge? Is that a sign? Wait…am I feeling tired? is that sign?’ Lord! Give it a rest me!!



    Good luck MrsL…….I am sure you’ll keep us all posted :)))))))))))))))))



    Is there anywhere you can suggest (websites, somewhere on this site etc) that you can suggest I look at to learn about charting temps?



    ajoke i left you a message.



    *** hands trying again a banana, a horse shoe and a moustrap*** you gotta be able to do something with that! hehe



    so i did some bdijng yesty day 17… thought i was out for he month cause hubys been so tired but yesty all day had realy wet down there so for me thast such a positive time iam coming up to ovualting and thn out of the blue we bd yesty, cervix is high and soft and fertlie stuff is good all can do is wait now..



    No problem we will count for Feb I hope that we are going to be with BFP count. You trayagain in January.



    welcome Austin! It’s great having them close in age! Mine are best friends 🙂 I am hoping for another daughter though I will be blissfully happy with either! We are going to wait till the birth to find out the sex just for the experience…that is if we can get prego!


    *****Big Hugs***** Obscurette. How difficult that must have been. He is your angel! i am sure Jonathan is watching over his mom and dad every day.



    Ok, so i don’t temp because I am still breastfeeding and haven gotten AF since DS was born 8.5 months ago. But according to my CM charts I MAY have O’d on the 4 days ago, and since then my body has felt really hot…which does not make sense because it has been -25 here all week. So for all you temping girls, when you notice your temp goes up after Oing…do you feel warmer???


    For those of you following my 20 month journey TTC……we just found out we have WOMBMATES!!!! We are having twins!!!


    Hey ladies. I am over on the ttc after loss side now but was on here not too long ago and thought I remember seeing some of you ladies talk about buying pregnancy tests off of ebay to save lots of money. I got on there and found a bunch which I think were called Wondfo. I was just wondering if any of you use them and think they are worth buying. It would save me so much money. This last time I took 8 tests before I let myself believe I was pregnant!!! That was very expensive! Any suggestions or personal experience with these would be greatly appreciated!



    ruby – yes u will have ov on day 44 and the general rule is that ur LP is between 12 and 16 days (for most women). If ur LP is 14 days then u will be able to test 14 days from ur Positive OPT. However, I am on day 24 since ovulation and still not BFP – so there are exceptions to the rule, like me – TYPICAL!!



    today I am only 4 DPO and when I use the restroom, i have creamy cm. When I checked, (TMI) it was thick, very white, lotion like and quite a bit. I was doing some reading and heard that it could be an early sign of pregnancy. I just don’t know if it’s too early to have this creamy cm. What do you ladies think??

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