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    mybitty7307- I also hope your stay is short. With my first child it took us nine months to get pregnant but we had a wonderful pregnancy. My second pregnancy happened quickly, I have a regular monthly cycle and I used figured out my ovulation dates. We were very excited. When I found out last week that I had a blighted ovum and would need a d&c I was shocked. It is really hard to get over, I know that god must have a reason beyond my understanding and I hope that I can get pregnant again soon. I would like to start trying after I have my next cycle. Do you think your periods were more painful due to having the d&c? I have been having a little pain while urinating since I had the d&c, did you feel that way after yours?



    question about opks-so my darkest two lines were on saturday. I still keep getting two lines however the test line is getting a little lighter. Is this normal?At what point did I actually ovulate? Thanks in advance ladies!



    cleopatria01 – You were asking for names, my name is Michelle, shell is also fine


    Hey ladies-Im i the midst of making a video journal for my twins first birthday next week- and found the most wonderful fitting song to pay tribute to my battle of infertility/TTC and its final success-I wish I had heard the song while TTC-as it brings me back to those hard hard days-its wonderfully inspirational-Miley Cyrus song called The Climb! Take a listen to it. Its about what we learn on the hard climb to get what we are yearning for, and the pain and strength we endure to get there!



    After i comment i have to refresh because its not bringing me back here so everything i type is coming out twice! how annoying!


    cdoyle80, that is so wonderful about your 2nd little miracle and the date s/he will make his/her entrance into the world! Congratulations!



    becky – I totally know how you feel…. I REALLY want another but i worry that I wont have enough time for Katie or myself!!! Just think though you will never have a dull moment and you will never be bored. You will manage, its a mothers instinct to cope with anything especially her babies 🙂



    I am all broke out today on my face, and feeling dizzy and sick to my tummy…Its way to early to test……..I think i might be pregnant in my brain..LOL



    lol….Cleo…..Do u see it?



    Just need the date your got your last period Johneka and the length of time before you have you next period. Don’t know if that helps. If you are trying the calculator on this website sometimes you have to do it twice before it works 🙂


    Dawn, do you have any really good baked fish recipes. Lent is coming up and I need some alternatives. I have one that is really, really good but I don’t think they’ll want it every Friday for 6 weeks. LOL



    babybumpofluv – Woot Woot…YEAHAW! I am so excited for you. Baby Dust.
    I haven’t had a +OPK in months…this month I got a + two days in a row…same as you just said dark!!



    i took number2 test today and it say the same thing preggo



    Welcome back LisaJ and good luck!




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