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    Lol every time I see a newborn baby on tv or hear a sad song I start crying



    Probably have to apologise to those test for telling them they were rubbish earlier :o) PHEW, What a relief!



    Still bummed about yesterday AF… I knew it was too soon. Next month my DH will have to fight me off with a stick 😛


    Good evening ladies havent commented for a while, not too much to say – around O time for me, just waiting for my positive digi to get some serious BDing going on. Just been reading back a couple of pages, I too am 100% real so I think name & shame the fakes coz I wouldnt want to be having an intimate conversation with some sicko sitting having a laugh at what am going through. That said, I dont look for fakes as I think why would you want to pretend… but am not stupid & do know it happens so if anyone knows anyone who they suspect isnt real please share the names.



    Wishing everyone a BFP soon!!! Good luck to everyone who maybe close!


    I will prolly test Sunday if AF doesn’t come.



    All happening here LOL and will girls hurry up and POAS already or go to the doctors the suspense is killing me LOL!! Ok so heres whats new with me AF is on her way getting those preAF warns already. this is good though because that means I am one month closer to TTC again woohoo!! 🙂 and I can start POAS OPK again so exciting (I know sad). I have decided that I won’t be testing until a month after when we get to BD because hubby will be heading off again for a further two months and I am I want to be able to tell him face to face this time not over the phone sucks and I don’t think I could keep a secret like that for 8 wks LOL!! So thats my plan so you ladies will have to keep me from POAS for a month or so LOL! But I am sure there will be heaps of you ladies doing that to make up for me not doing it LOL!! Good luck and baby dust to you all!!


    so if i got my pos OPK today, when do i start counting dpo?? will it be tomorrow if i got my pos OPK today??



    mj…no fear!!! Spermies can live up to 5 days inside of you! 🙂 So as long as you bed withing 5 days before you o you still have a shot! 🙂



    Congrats vicky! My clear blue fertility monitor is showing high fertility today so time to start drowning that egg!! CD 13 so right on time!! Fingers crossed for everyone this month xx



    awww all the best lilysmumma…I know you’ll fall preggo when the time is right.



    CD 1 today. I’m ready for a new month.



    avenue….lol…u’re so right not to ask



    OMG Pink I literally just laughed out loud!!! hahaha



    Cedar Point I believe is a place with rollar coasters and stuff. When are you testing?

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