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    Morning ladies! I’m trying to learn more about TTC… so please don’t think I’m stupid when I ask questions… but everyone seems super nice so far! I don’t understand what everyone means when they say they take their temp. How does one do that? How much higher should it be to know that you’re ovulating? Last month I used the chart on this website to know if I was on my fertile days and we BD on those days and nothing. So I’m wondering if I ovulate differently than what the site says? And that was the first I had heard about BD every second day… not every OTHER day, but every second? Starting on the first day after your AF? Just trying to learn… 🙂



    Omg I woke up sooooo tired today! Got to go back to bed and sleep for another hour and a half or so, and still woke up feeling drained! I’d like to blame it on the ‘extra’ house work I did yesterday, but I know that’s not the case. I always slack off just a bit sometimes and then spend a day catching everything up. I swear I’m gonna get a BFP on Saturday! I want to test sooner but I’m trying to teach myself patience and I really want that BFP on my birthday



    I am SO with you ladies on ‘making up’ pg symptoms. I can literally make myself have ms just by thinking about it, and every little thing I feel I chalk it up to ‘oh, I am prob pg this month’ CRAZY!!! I wish I was a little more low key about the whole thing. Also, my husband thinks there should be NO science involved AT ALL in TTC, and that it will happen when it is supposed to so he doesn’t like to hear my crazy rants about ‘oooh, I think I might be pg’ so I share them all with you ladies instead. Don’t get me wrong, DH is great and excited about TTC, he just thinks it takes all of the ‘fun’ out of it and makes it like a science experiment if I tell him that I am o’ing. I just tease him all up when I know O is close and he is all on board without knowing about o’ing. Praying that it worked for us this month.



    oh no terriann20! i hope you get over that nasty cold very quickly!



    alicia sorry about your little man,, that is soo not fair..;( still waiting to see you bfp announcement,, i hope it is soon!! and lc Wohoo both had ewcm today!!



    Awe! Congrats ladies!



    Nikki, yes or you could start tomorrow



    Congrats, aloha! 🙂



    Tested tonight 11dpo. Still BFN. I should know better. I didn’t get a positive with Evan until 15dpo. And it was still faint.



    Argh! I am out this month. The new prescription for clomid never got called in. So unless by some strange miracle I ovulate on my own, which I believe it’s highly unlikely, I have to wait till next month. So frustrating. But I guess that just gives my body some more time with met. Trying to find the good out of this, but it’s soooo hard.



    I’m throwing the towel in, giving up! TTC is stressful, the two week wait is killing. Af is due 09-08 a day before my birthday and I have been feeling like Af is her on way for over a week; just last week I started experiencing nausea,fatigue, constant burping what feels like indigestion, I had extreme sore nipples, getting in and out the shower was the worse, my breast heaviness is killing me, i have been experiencing cramps since last week, now i’m experiencing a increase in CM. I know when i ovulated I use clerblue or first resonse ovulation tests. I’m just frustrated i felt twinges near my ovaries, but i’m to the point now I JUST DON’T WANT TO TRY ANYMORE



    I am soooo CONFUSED!!!! Im pretty sure I ovulated late in my 28 day cycle. AF was due YESTERDAY being Monday and I tested SUNDAY morning which would of only been 8dpo and got a BFN. AF never showed up yesterday and hasnt shown up today. I am NEVER EVER LATER But I dont want to get my hopes up!!! Im dying to test again but I will be so disspointed if its a BFN again!!!!



    So sorry excited your feeling so yuk, did i see your having twins???? that must be why your feeling so eeewy…



    Thank you ALOHAMOM3…Thing is, I started the monitor on CD10, so, I couldnt really start testing until CD15…I’m wondering if I messed it up! lol! I just couldn’t wait another month to start testing..but, maybe I should have.



    geez i wish my kid would sleep that early. if he falls asleep before ten, its guaranteed he will wake up again an hour or so later! kind of sucks. but oh well. next kid, we are for sure getting them on a schedule!

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