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    diane, what if i only had implantation 2 days ago tho??



    Mommytoabi – I wish you wouldnt go but a break might do you good!!! I can see a verrry faint on the second picture maybe going to the doctors and getting a blood test will give you some answers!!! ATTC – Im sorry that witch can shove it!!! Blah!



    lol amy i did that too, and she is still not here so i think she may not show after all….



    Cassie yea that would have been a sight. Lol. I’m 11 DPO. you? You just stick the part you pee on in there right?



    @ sarahjane, if your not pregnant why not, I tend avoid alcohol from 6 dpo until AF arrives (hopefully she doesn’t this month), as implantion doesn’t take place until 7-10 dpo, personally I don’t think 1-2 glasses would hurt.



    good evening ladies, just popping in to say hi. CD 8 here and I am really excited and interested to see what my chart will look like this cycle (it is on my profile) – I have never had such a settled chart! usually my temps are all over the place (possibly due to PCOS)



    artic you don’t miss ttc it’s stressful now you have smooth sailing for 9 months. lol



    Congratulations mommy to abi, hopefully we can all join you!! Xx


    hey ladies, i am going to take a test today. I had to go out and buy them this morning so i alreeady went to the restroom. Should i wait and hold it for awhile or just do it now , i am 12-14dpo.



    Hey everyone, How long did it take for your cycles to get back to normal after having a baby. I finished bf my daughter at 2 months, got my period later that month (may), since then my cycles have been 27-28 days. I’m on cd 29 and still no period. we just decided a few days ago to ttc, prior to that we were using the pull out method, which we have used for 3 months now… the last time we had sex was aug 8 which he pulled out, then I am pretty sure i ov’d on the 11th, so I don’t think i’m pregnant… I just want af to show up so we can ttc our next.. although it would be a kick in the pants if I was. My old cycle used to be 32-33 days. Do you think I’m going back to my old cycle, or do you think I am infact possibly pregnant already? without planning it. It’s been so long since i’ve had to pay attention to my cycles, so i’m not sure if what i’m feeling are just period signs, or if they are pregnancy signs.



    Chica, the happy endorphins and stress relief that chocolate brings I’d say outweighs the negatives of a chocolate treat from time to time 😉


    Sorry for TMI ladies, but AF has arrived again! She only left a week ago!!! And I’m taking these tablets! Seriously what is my boddy playing at!!! I’m on my phone so if my name doesn’t show its taylorTTC btw x



    excited – THANKS YOU SO MUCH!!! It took a year and a half with my son so I am counting my lucky stars and thanking ALL OF YOU (well and my DH) in making this possible so soon!!! 🙂 🙂



    Well d29 since mc and pretty sure d13po, BFN this morning. Wish Af would just start so I would at least have a LMP. Had cramping most days since O and today nothing. Hurray up AF



    Woozie, it is hard to say for sure what you have gong on because after O we can sometimes have an estrogen surge, a ‘fall-back’ temp and EWCM. It may be that you tried to O on CD 19 and did not quite get the egg to release, so your body geared up to try again (thus today EWCM and low temp due to O) OR is might be leftovers. The good thing is you BDed, so your bases are covered just in case! Do you know if your cervix is open by any chance? I hate to say it, but the only thing you can do is wait and see! Assume you already did O, but if you don’t get a BFP when you first test, remember that you might have Oed several days later (ie: today). Good luck!

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