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    Hello ladies! Hubby and I have been TTC for going on 2 months. I was 200% sure i was preg last cycle but BFN on day AF was due. Then AF was 5 days late and UBER light. definitely not like my regular AF’s. went to dr today as I’m still getting strong preg symptoms (random bouts of nausea, sore bb’s and colostrum again, dizzy spells etc.) and he said it was possible that I may infact be preg still so I’m off to get an U’S next Tuesday to have a look-see at what is happening in there..very excited..but if not still lots of BD to be done!! 🙂



    babysofiad – it depends on your cycles, when you purchase your OPK there are usually direction on when to start testing. I start testing CD 7


    they look pretty positive to me aimee! Congrats!



    thanks cleopatria, it is hard to deal with something so shocking when you think everything is going great. My husband and I have planned each of our pregnancies. I know that I am blessed to have my little girl and hopefully we will be blessed one more time with another healthy baby. I wish you the best of luck as well and hope that your wait is not to long.



    @morgandonor —-Hi . Heres another perspective. AS someone who has been late (2-3 days) maybe five times in MY entire life, I UNDERSTAND your angst and frustration.

    But I REALLY think something else may be causing your lateness. Stress UTI, meds , etc

    I do know STRESS can cause all kinds of probs. I am veering a bit off topic BUT it is relevant to what the otthers are saying. About four years ago, hubby and I were managing a nice resort type hotel. We thought we had a dream job BUT it quickly turned into a nightmare. I WAS SSOOOOOOOO Stressed. And it manifested itself in hives all over my upper body. God I was so scared. They tested me for everything under the sun. And in the End, it was STRESS. I am SCARRED for life because of STRESS. Needless to say, I quit the job and never looked back.
    BUT STRESS can cause all kinds of physical probs! Please don’t let this GET THE BEST OF YOU.



    Q&A time again

    Q: My husband and I recently started trying to conceive. After making love, I noticed that a lot of semen leaks out. I lie down for 30 minutes or even overnight immediately after making love, and it still happens. Is this normal? Will this affect my ability to conceive?

    A:It is normal for semen to leak out of the vagina even the next day after intercourse. Remember, sperm are mobile so they will swim up through the cervical mucous soon after ejaculation. The sperm that have not passed the cervix within 10 to 15 minutes are likely incapacitated by the acidity of the vaginal secretions. Thus, it is sufficient to lie down for 30 minutes after intercourse, and any leakage of semen after that time will not affect your fertility.



    Heymickey83- its probably way to early to test I know waiting is hard esp when you have symptoms that are consistent withe being pregnant.. So waiting is probably best!



    After i comment i have to refresh because its not bringing me back here so everything i type is coming out twice! how annoying!



    Nearly 10 DPO and pretty much cramping everywhere i feel like im getting the flu 🙁 having random tastes of metal in my mouth also… To top it all off i had the worst day EVER ! Dont know when to test im afraid of getting a BFN and i dont think i could handle that right now !! 🙁 *baby dust to all you ladies really hope you all get a BFP really soon* think im gonna give up if im not pregnant this cycle.. The disappointment you feel when you see a BFN over and over again really sucks..



    I feel the same way. I am looking at the big picture though as I really want more kids for when we are all grown up and enjoying life together and sharing things. The tough baby stage is something I will enjoy of course but will have to get through it..



    Thanks Sherry I will:) Goodnight. Nikki, I am so sorry. If this is AF hopefully your 1st cycle in Nov. will bring you a BFP!



    Its answer…..I think 2day after work Im gunna get EPT and use that 2marrow morning


    can anyone help me.. so we BD on the 14th of this month and my last AF was july 25 it says on the ovulation calender to test on the 21 so is that accurate???? please help thanks..



    I wonder…My March cycle was the cycle after a miscarriage. I wonder if that is gunna be my cycle for now on or if I go back to the same wacky cycles I’ve been having



    Mommymagie- I have been having the same thing! I tested yesterday bfn, but my temps are really high and my chart is triphasic so I am still hopefully I am pg. I’ll keep you posted!

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