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    Looks like my second positive opk was a lingering surge. So I’m 5 dpo. (Thanks Diane)


    I’m with u girls I’ve never got a pos OPK!!! But I’ve ordered some more just in case lol. I’ve now put them in the bathroom so wen I want to I can just poas haha. So sorry for afs turning up and gl to to those who r testing x



    boyoboy: i lost track of what day i was on. but it was at about cd 40…i had taken a round of 100 mg of clomid in early June, and was waiting for ovulation….but i have ovulated way way way late with clomid twice before like, 30 days late…so i was kinda sitting around checking my temps and hoping i would ovulate when i got super excited about soy…so i asked my dh and he said screw it, just induce af…and start soy…well a day before the provera i had a higher temp, then while on the provera had steady high temps too….funny thing is that my temps never dropped after the 10 days of provera so i thought hmmmm….maybe the corpus lutem will sustain the progestorone (sp?) even though i just got off of it and let me sustain a pregnancy IF i indeed ovulated, but nope…af showed friday……wait did i even answer your question??! hahahha…sorry


    ivanbella – il be gutted again if im not, i am gutted every month. I am testing on the 28th as its my birthday and i would love to know if we have done it, it would be the best birthday present ever x



    oh i just looked it up….its like 160$ tho lol i would rather wait if i had to



    LoL I know, maybe that’s the culprit. I know it’s a bit early, but since I’m not completely sure as to when I O’d, I think I’m gonna test today. Then maybe again in a few days, and again after (hopefully) EAF doesn’t come =)


    Hi ladies thanks to all the replied to my previous question. I’m TTC but i’m not charting and what not. me and my partner just decided as its the 1st month we’ve decided to TTC we’ll just Bd whenever n hope for the best lol. I could see myself becoming obsessed otherwise. Anyway i’ve decided to wait to see if AF comes if not then i will take a test . x x



    Ckar, not sure but just make sure to call dh tell him to get home now, and bd til your little hearts content. Lol. Best of luck!



    well its 11pm here and i guess i need to go to bed ive got to work tomorrow @ 10am.



    hi all , pretty new to this site so i wanted to introduce my self :)i am 27 and in australia. I have a partner and we are rather smitten with each other . I have come to this site in the hope that i will make friends with some like minded people and create some new friendships. 🙂 I have recently just come to the realisation that I have a inner mummy trying to get out……which is a little scary …i am kind of scared about this because in the past i have not really been so emotionally tapped into this side of me. either that or ive put it away in the back of my mind due to life basically getting in the way etc … as we all do i am sure at one time or another.

    The realisation has come just recently when i became upset over a negative blood preg test. I was wondering if any one could give me some advice and opinions etc. I have just started blogging on here and want to share my experiences with you all as i feel it is a constructive way to release spent up emotion and angst surrounding my ttc issues. PLease dont hesitate to drop me a line if you wish to chat etc. Baby dust to all and much love from over here in Auz.



    Goodluck coco I hope you get a bfp insted of af. And lc I think ill be crushed if I don’t get a bfp to but oh well just gotta keep riding that horse lmao



    Anyone else having issues wth the damn comment box again? lol



    So after taking only the first two pills of my Provera I got AF a week later…Is it cause of the Provera or I got it on my own. I haven’t gotten a ‘real’ period in years???I stopped taking it cause I had a + opk??? So confused



    Hi ladies! I’m so glad its the weekend but with nothing to do all I keep thinking is AF please do not show in 2 days. I’m not really feeling any symptoms as of right now, but last night the fluttering kept me awake for about an hour. It made me so excited, n while my DH snoring didn’t help me sleep all I could do was pray. Ugh the waiting game… Grrr! Good luck TTC ladies!!

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