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    Hey ladies, this is our first month TTC, I had a miscarriage in January….just got AF today, I have no idea where my cycles are, prior to this I was breastfeeding my now 1 year old, I had only had 3 periods before getting pregnant, and my cycles were anywhere from 29-31 days, I then was pregnant for 12 1/2 weeks before miscarrying. I have o idea how to ‘try’ to get pregnant, especially having no clue when I am going to ovulate…Help! Where should I start, and when?



    later gill!! 🙂



    prfectpear – Congratulations on your BFP!! I have a feeling there’s a few more right around the corner 😉 I’m sorrry Kristy, maybe it was too early?


    Amanda, I really really want to but I know a BFN will totally get me down so I will give it three more days. It will be a long three days



    Weber3 – thank you so much. I cried a lot last night about it but I think you are right, I need to tell her no feeding at night time. She has been sick a lot the last few months and off her food often so I’ve been reluctant to stop feeding her. But, it won’t kill her and she’ll thank us for a sibling in the long run (I hope!!). xx


    O.k. so I know its hard when we get that BFN but since the holidays are coming up it reminds me to enjoy this time of trying because this doesnt happen often in a womans life . Really it’s kinda of sad because this may be the last time I ever ‘try’ to have a child. ok now I’m getting sappy….I will stop ~baby dust~


    Thank you ladies, so pleased. TBF we temped, used opks, preseed checked my cervix etc etc. Taylorttc my chart went triphasic on cd25 and my temps were above 36.7 these past few days so who knows. Here is my chart
    My Ovulation Chart



    Ok, so I’m beginning to think I’m pregnant. I’m CD40 now, and even though I felt like my period was going to come it still hasn’t arrived. I have tried every herb to bring on AF. I have also tried Pulsatilla, a homeopathic medicine that is suppose to bring on AF and NADA! I’m going to test again tomorrow, but if I’m not pregnant….I demand to see AF because I want to TTC if I’m not!



    Congrats to mommyto Jude!!!!!! Girls I’m out this week travelling but reading all your posts! Big Hugs!



    cherry – Aren’t these confusing cycles frustrating? I’m seriously ready to test tomorrow, I think. At least if it’s bfn I can kind of start letting my mind wander toward next cycle instead of obsessing on this one, even though I won’t be anywhere near out of the game for this cycle yet…



    @babybellybliss , not to bring a bad news but i ussualy get ewcm before af. It is like a never failing sign for me 🙁
    You ladies were right, my opk werent positive and I start spotting today, guess AF is on her way. Let me tell you that this month this b..itch showing up without any signs, no cramping.. nothing.. and we are moving into month #17…….



    well about a half hr ago i got this headache out of nowhere. ugh it sucks. i dont ever get them. i kinda feel a little lightheaded too, but i’ve been eating all day so i know it’s not low blood sugar. hummmmm



    Anyone gain weight a few days before their period is due?? I generally gain 3 to 5 pounds anywhere from 5 to 3 days before my period… I have not this month though so hopefully that is a good sign for me… Sherylee, my cm is doing the same thing and last time I was pregnant it did that also I kept thinking my period was going to come but it was just the cm so I donno maybe it means something 🙂



    saza – That’s the same amount of soy I took too….OOH I HOPE IT WORKS!!! :):):)



    Nikolle- congrats hun, you deserve it!!!

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