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    how is everyone doing!



    krissieh – lol! I did with a $1 cheapie, but it was a bfn. Maybe I’ll get a frer for tomorrow morning… idk, I don’t want to waste any more money on tests, but I want to know if I’m having chem pregs too…



    wow nice mix, im puerto rican and cuban!lol



    I haven’t been on BC for about a year idk. I thought maybe it was ovarian cysts a while back. I have a doc apt this tuesday, so I’m def going to ask him and get to the bottom of it. My OPKs are always pos for at least 4 days in a row too. Hopefully my doc has some answers! And I can cry all over him;) lol



    hey everyone!! 🙂 Any new bfp’s out there?
    I was wondering if anyone else experiences any days of light cramping/twinges throughout their entire cycle? I do get the ovulation cramping (mittelschmerz) but from O until AF I also have the twinges off and on. Is this normal?? Or could it be that the egg tries to implant and for some reason can’t? If you’ve had this too, leave me a note on my page. I don’t get in here often enough to keep up with all of the convo and my notes tend to get lost. lol Thanks!!!



    Thanks ladies! Looks like BD till Thanksgiving! I will def be ready for some turkey after all of that!



    thx Diane! I’m sure he knows who the ever so knowledgeable-going to win a Pulitzer Prize Diane is, so he’ll understand!



    6DPO-Woke up feeling bad, felt better by the time I got to work. Still feeling wet, tired and lower back is still killing me.






    Hey everyone! Had a question, just wondering if it’s possible my cycle could have gone back to 28 days… I had a very early miscarriage just days after a positive hpt and now 2 weeks later I’m noticing a lot of ewcm… My cycle was 28 days before I got pregnant with my son then regulated to 35 days long sinceJuly. I’m not temping or using opks and last month I got pregnant just by going off the Calander and CM


    hey chica

    haah yeaa i hear you…im 3dpo right now…at least you’re a little further ahead 🙂



    Back again after awhile. We’re trying to conceive again after a miscarriage in September. I’ve seen a specialist, had surgery to remove endometriosis, cysts, and adhesions. I found out I have low progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and another hormone I don’t remember. I am taking HCG four times per month (started last cycle), am starting a low-dose of clomid, and will start testosterone. The HCG is supposed to help me make more progesterone and estrogen. Here’s hoping! I’m on day one of my cycle now and will start the clomid in a couple of days. Prayers for you all to conceive and have healthy pregnancies:-)


    Hey ladies? I have a ? Is hiccups a possible sign of pregnancy I haven’t had them in a while but I’m started to get more freqently and more then once a day I’m 26dpo af expected on the 26 I have no other symptoms not even af syptoms and I usually have those all the way up til I start which is weird



    Congrat blessedbee!! H&H 9months to you! 😀 welcome new ladies to the forum, the support is great, I’m glad you feel better dmmarine! It can be tough sometimes, men do not understand… As I was saying before, my BF’s sex drive isn’t the greatest… But he keeps saying everyday how much he wants another kid, Its not gonna magically happen if he don’t want to do anything!!!!! I hate having to convince him! So that’s why I agreed to just ‘let it happen’… I told myself that I wouldn’t look into any symptoms and just not think about it but now today I had ewcm with brown blood in it?? We only BD twice this cycle… I remember someone posting about it and would love to know if someone know what that’s about?


    amanda- i’ve been keeping a journal this month(under my blog) and it seems i started having fertile cm on CD11 and I O’ed on CD 16

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