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    I don’t think there is any issue with a long luteal phase Chica, because at some point after ovulation, if you get pregnant, (implantation happens at say 7 – 10 DPO) then the pregnancy takes over and luteal phase length does not really matter anymore – unless implantation is not strong enough in a short luteal phase, and AF arrives anyway. The only concern with a long luteal phase may be that the follicle where the egg was released from may be slow in releasing progesterone and that ‘delayed release’ is what was making the LP go long. If you were to become pregnant, the follicle releasing low levels of progesterone may mean there is not enough to sustain a pregnancy. From what I have read though, it is better to have a LP on the long side than it is to have it on the short side.



    Krissieh- a bag of oranges leaves no marks… Lol. Jk. Like the saying goes- I love people- I love to be around people, there’s people I love to avoid, and there’s people I’d love to punch in the face. Lol



    Good Morning fellow TTCer’s……How is everyone? I never knew how much went into actually TTC. It’s pretty amazing how all of you know so much. Hope lots of positive ‘things’ are going on with everyone.


    From my last period I can’t really put a date as to when I started because when I was suppose to start I had dark brown discharge for a few days then started bleeding. My cycle is usually 28 days. HOw many days are you suppose to wait have sex after your period is over? I really hope that this drucken night with my hubby got us baby #2! I would be so excited!!!! I’m trying not to think about about it or obess but I’m just sooooo happy he wasn’t careful the other night hehe



    goodmorning girls, ty fairbanks, its more like period cramping. i am def aware of the round ligament pain it makes its self well known lol. i hope its just my little bean just getting cozy. i go for my first sono this next friday! im excited. i reallllllly hope we get to see the heartbeat.



    praying4 – yes I was on depo 🙁 had 1 shot in dec 09 and never went back for a second after reading so many horror stories! So been free from it for 21 months. Cycles went back to normal after a few months and were typically 27-29 days! Fell pregnant in may this year and miscarried in july. Cycles again returned to 28 days but last month I spotted for 26 days and had a 61 day cycle! This month so far very heavy bleeding for 11 days! Bcalove – Thanks! How u remember things from 17 yrs ago i don’t know, i can barely remember last week haha I hope the doc will do something for me to stop it. Last month I went in with spotting after about 3 weeks and he brushed me off with sometimes these things happen!!! This time I want something done!



    when early in prgncy, does ur tunny hurts as if u did 100 situps? or AF?


    I’m currently going thru a miscarriage. I thought I was going crazy especially since my boyfriend doesn’t want to try again. I’ve decided I’m going to try again just not say anything till I get a bfp and I’m atleast 12 weeks I have a 3year old son so I think this miscarriage was a fluke of some sort. I know he will be supportive I just think he’s scared I’ll lose the baby so I’m just not going to say anything I pray that I finally conceive a healthy baby!!! I’m still taking my prenatal and staying healthy. How soon after I stop bleeding can I start trying again?



    That does make TTC more difficult Eeyore. It’s good that hubby likes the intimacy of cuddling at least… many couples don’t have that level of closeness.



    Well… the blood test was negative ofcourse, so he started me on provera like yall said….. i have to take it for 10 days and supposely 4 days later my cycle suppose to start. Once that happens i am to go back to him and take it from there…. Just great!!!!



    My DH is in the police academy so he runs 5 miles a day. I’m a very small & petite girl. So I never think to excersise. He is thinking its going to help with my energy and sleeping habits.



    Alicia does that go for me too…lol



    Thanks lc me to



    Bca – Congrats to you!! 🙂



    fallen normal LP length ( after O) is 12-16 days so u should expect AF about 14 days from when u O’d

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