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    LADIES NEXT MONTH IS GONNA HAVE TO DO.. sorry for shouting, lol.. i dnt know why i am always late for my AF but i got them this morning :(.. i dnt understand.. Stupid doc said i didnt ovulate.. well dur.. Males docs are stupid.. So i guess try next month.. Does that mean my cycle is ever 30 plus days ??



    well AF showed her face yesturday DAMN that broad had to show up i was so hoping to get a BFP instead of her…….Well Extra sticky baby dust to those TTC



    im also having off and on cramping on my right side


    D…i would say you are doing a GREAT job if you just start cutting out 1 a day and go from there…maybe when you feel your body has adjusted cut out another one.



    Bum – those are classic O signs! Get BDing! Good luck!


    cpalmer – Don’t give up hope just yet, it is still quite early to be testing!! And two evap lines does seem very unlikely, I read somewhere that the brand names are often not as good or as accurate as the store tests!! Extra sticky baby dust is being sent right your way!!



    I can’t believe that this time, 1 year ago today, I was going to bed with no idea that I would start going into labour at 6.30 in the morning… and that my little boy would be born in 3 days time… it all seems so unreal now! 🙂


    Good luck – hope it is a BFP for you !!!



    WEEGEE~ thank goodness for your results!!! so pleased to see it was all a very positive outcome! xx
    EMMA~ babe, stay positive, it sounds like this new little baby was meant to be…im going to pray for a nice healthy easy 9 months for you! xx
    so i did a digi this morn, bfn 🙁 the tests i got the faint + on were 10miu tests..maybe wait a few days you think? feeling somewhat discouraged now


    Diane, quick question for ya…. when doing the bbt, do you have to have a basal thermometer? Or can i use a regular digital one? Oh, and how many hours of sleep do i need to have in order to get an accurate reading?



    Congrats eeyore! Hoping for a healthy pregnancy for you.



    Aww wannabeamum, i left u a message on ur page 🙂



    Crazymomma…CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS*


    Oh for those of you that can ‘FEEL’ your ovulation what does it feel like? Ive never payed attention to that before but I ‘O’ed yesterday and for the past 3ish days Ive felt a dull crampish sensation in my lower abdomen… Is that what ovulation feels like??? Or maybe its to much BDing LOL



    Hey Girls so I cracked nd tested b4 Fri lol…BFN…hahahahahahahaha still testing on Fri
    Good Going t th BFP’s we all hope t join u soon…hang in there ladies

Viewing 15 posts - 130,171 through 130,185 (of 131,346 total)

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